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8389RE: [FlashLite] 5800 testing - project apocalypse...

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  • riku.salminen@nokia.com
    Jul 3, 2009

      Ah yes, sorry those ones ;o)



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      By links do you mean the



      On 2/7/09 11:38 PM, riku.salminen@... wrote:

      When I download the game to my PC and send it to my mobile the same thing happens. I get only a starts screen, but none of the links work L



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      [Attachment(s) from Dan Milward included below]

      Hi Guys,

      We've uploaded our latest version of Project Apocalypse to the following

      If you login and make a game you should in theory be able to play that
      game on your mobile phone.

      We've not implemented tilting yet because we don't have a 5800 to test
      on. So we decided to add our own nice looking virtual controller until
      we can test tilting properly.

      Tap on the right side of the screen to shoot them buggers!!! Please let
      us know your thoughts...


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