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8380Re: Adobe version checker : Network connection failed

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  • Mark Doherty
    Jul 1, 2009
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      > Because the wifi data connection is not working, i still can't use
      > this packager.

      Markd - This sounds like a configuration issue with your device. If the GPRS identification and download is working then WIFI should not fail, technically there is no difference in our implementation.

      > BTW, could you add the french (FR) application language into the next release ?

      Markd - We recognise the need to add new languages for packaging and look to do this in our next release.

      > Why is there a limit of 12 characters for the Application Short Name
      > (I can add more with the others tools) ?

      Markd - An application name longer than 12 characters is not supported with Windows Mobile. On S60 devices a longer application name would result in truncation, so is not good for the user.

      Markd - There is a new version of the Packager 1.1 here, you can download that and try it out.


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