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  • Dale Rankine
    Mar 3, 2009
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      Hey everyone, just found a little gotcha when using Device Central CS4 (don’t know if this exists in CS3 as well).


      When you are getting the return value of status = fscommand2(“GetPlatform”, “platform”); for Nokia S40 devices, the string that comes back looks like “Nokia OS”. You might then be checking that value in order to change some conditions in your application, so you might do something like if(platform == “Nokia OS”) ...


      What isn’t obvious from tracing the variable is that there’s a whitespace at the end of this string (as in “Nokia OS “) and so that test on the absolute value needs to also include the whitespace, otherwise it fails.


      Returns the same too (with the whitespace) for FL2 and FL3


      Just came across this doing some development today and just thought I’d share that one with y’all ...








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