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7585new side scrolling game creator

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  • Dan Milward
    Mar 7, 2008
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      Hi Guys,

      Please checkout our new Demo game "Jungle Jam".

      You can build your own levels for Jungle Jam in facebook:

      To build your own level add the Game Suite application to your facebook
      profile. Goto the application. Click build level. Select a tile, object,
      character, or player. Then select a tile in the editor, then to place
      that tile hit the space bar.

      Because it is still new & in beta we'd like to take this opportunity to
      gather your feedback and improve it as much as possible over the next
      two or three months. We already have plans to improve the interface and
      add the Flash Lite files so people can download them. We're looking for
      feedback, business partners, content providers, fellow collaborators,
      game fans, investors, sprite artists, friends, and anybody who is
      insterested in helping us revolutionize the Flash Lite gaming space!!!


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