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On this day. . .August 1st

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    Harrisburg, Pa. 1993- At 0143 hrs. 130B S.25th St. Kline Village Shopping Center-. Hornung’s Tru-Value Hardware Store. Large two store brick 150 x
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      Harrisburg, Pa.
      1993- At 0143 hrs.  130B S.25th St.   Kline Village Shopping Center-. Hornung’s Tru-Value Hardware Store.  Large two store brick 150 x 500’ commercial building.  Hardware store on the first floor with offices on second.  Heavy fire gutted the entire hardware store. Smoke and water damage to varying degrees to the remainder of the commercial occupants of the building.  The building is(or was) non-combustible construction with a heavy metal deck and concrete floors and roof.  Arson was listed as the cause, either in a dumpster to the rear or to the interior but it was never fully determined. Water supply proved to be a problem initially with Kline Village having a basic loop system and stretches of supply lines had to be brought in from at least 25th Street(over two blocks).  6325 feet of 5” eventually used plus varying master streams from step guns and tower trucks. 130B/130A-sustained heat, water, and smoke damage; 132-unknown; 134-had smoke, heat, water damage.  Ventilation was a major problem. The metal deck roof became a formidable object and was trenched about 30’ using metal cutting saws and slice packs.  The roof was also set afire by the slice packs. Loss-in excess of $1.5 million. Other business effected: House of Bargains, Family Dollar, Nassaux-Hemsley Engineering, Bureau of Consumer Protection(Pa), Harrisburg Inter-Group, Answer America, Scott and Sons, K-Shopping Center  Assn. (owners of  complex), Video and Pool, U.S. Postal substation.  Fire under control at 0404.  B Platoon, fifth alarm.
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