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Supreme Sacrifice - Jul. 1

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  • chiefhank
    THE SUPREME SACRIFICE By Hank Przybylowicz July 1 On this date in history, the following members of the fire service made The Supreme Sacrifice: 1834 -
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      By Hank Przybylowicz

      July 1

      On this date in history, the following members of the fire service made "The
      Supreme Sacrifice:"

      1834 - MANHATTAN, NY
      Vol. Firefighter Eugene Underhill - Engine 13
      Vol. Firefighter F.A. Ward - Engine 13
      While operating a line at a major warehouse fire, they were killed when they
      were caught under a collapsing wall. Their bodies were found lying side by

      1898 - CLEVELAND, OH
      Firefighter Sylvester Esterle - Engine 6
      He was killed when he was thrown from the steamer while responding to an

      1914 - CHARLOTTE, NC
      Fire Chief Harvey Wallace
      Captain W.B. Glenn
      They died while operating at a fire that was caused by a dynamite explosion.

      1924 - CHICAGO, IL
      Firefighter Thomas Shanahan - Engine 8.
      He was killed while responding to an alarm, when Engine 104 collided with
      Engine 8.

      1926 - BOSTON, MA
      Firefighter Michael J. Travers - Age 39 - Engine 7
      He died as a result of inhaling nitric acid fumes while operating at an
      automatic alarm the previous day.

      1934 - PORTLAND, OR
      Firefighter Harry B. Morrow - Age 48 - Engine 23 - 19-year veteran
      He suffered a fatal heart attack while operating at a car fire.

      1940 - HOUSTON, TX
      Firefighter Will W. Walker - Age 58 - Station 2 - 26-year veteran
      He died as a result of injuries sustained December 6th, 1938, when the
      pumper he was driving to an alarm collided with a bus. He never fully
      recovered from his injuries and died 19 months later as a result of
      complications that set in.

      1944 - ATLANTIC CITY, NJ
      Captain John F. Born - Engine 8 - 16-year veteran
      He died in the performance of his duties.

      1953 - BRONX, NY
      Firefighter Andrew L. Milyko - Age 44 - Rescue 3 - 16-year veteran
      A fire, which started in the basement of an art gallery, quickly spread
      through a one-story taxpayer housing a dozen stores via a hanging ceiling.
      At the height of the five-alarm blaze, Milyko suddenly collapsed while
      operating on the roof of one of the shops as a result of the extreme heat
      and smoke. Efforts to revive him were begun and he was rushed to the
      hospital, where he was pronounced dead as a result of massive heart attack.
      Fire patrol members spread more than 60 salvage covers at the blaze, which
      was attended by 27 pieces of apparatus. At least 15 other firefighters
      suffered minor injuries while operating at the fire.

      1961 - BROOKLYN, NY
      Firefighter Robert A. Meill - Age 26 - Ladder 120 - 1-year veteran
      On arrival, firefighters found a one-story brick, 100x150-foot laundry well
      involved in fire, with extension to an adjacent one-story junk shop. Meill
      was operating venting the roof of the junk shop when it suddenly collapsed,
      pitching him into the mass of fiery rubble. Five other firefighters were
      injured when they were caught under the collapsing roof as they operated in
      the shop at the four-alarm fire.

      1988 - HACKENSACK, NJ
      Captain Richard L. Williams - Age 53 - Engine 4
      Lieutenant Richard Reinhagen - Age 48 - Engine 2
      Firefighter William Krejsa - Age 51 - Engine 1
      Firefighter Leonard Radumski - Age 38 - Engine 2
      Firefighter Stephen Ennis - Age 30 - Rescue 1
      They were killed while operating at a general-alarm fire that totally
      destroyed a car dealership. Williams, Krejsa, and Radumski, were killed when
      the arch-truss roof collapsed on top of them in a second floor office,
      burying them under tons of rubble. Reinhagen and Ennis died when they ran
      out of air after becoming trapped in a tool room by the collapse.

      1993 - EARLVILLE, IL
      Firefighter Edwin R. Conklin
      He suffered a fatal heart attack while testifying at an arson trial.

      "Lay me down beside cool waters,
      And lay to rest my body sore.
      Send the word out to my brothers,
      The fire is down, let it burn no more."
      Charlie Ball
      Fireman's Prayer

      Let us not forget these brave souls who unselfishly gave their lives in the
      performance of their duties. Let us all take a moment out of our busy day to
      say a prayer for these fallen soldiers of the Lord, and ask that He grant
      them eternal rest and peace in His Kingdom. Also ask that He watch over and
      protect the member's loved ones who were left behind.

      "The Supreme Sacrifice"(c) is a product of the Line of Duty Research
      Service. This product may not be used in any form for commercial venture or
      for monetary gain without the expressed written permission of the Line of
      Duty Research Service. Copyright (c) 2003. All rights reserved.
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