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***HARRISBURG PA. AREA FIRE HISTORY*** January 5th to January 11th

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    ***HARRISBURG PA. AREA FIRE HISTORY*** January 5th to January 11th January 5 1870- 9:15 p.m. 104 Market Street. Furniture and upholstery repair store of
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      ***HARRISBURG PA. AREA FIRE HISTORY*** January 5th  to January 11th
      January 5
      1870- 9:15 p.m.  104 Market Street.  Furniture and upholstery repair store of Samuel E. Adams. Contents of the storeroom were badly damaged.  Apartment over the store and adjoining dwelling of John Halbert suffered some smoke damage.  Fire originated from a mattress igniting from being to close to an overheated stove.  Loss $1,500.  This is the first known use of the actual street address in the fire records.

      2000-1707 hrs.  353-55-57 S.18th St. Three story brick duplex(55-57).Fire started in the kitchen of 355 which was gutted. Fire extended to 2nd fl. Rear and middle bedrooms gutted with heavy heat and smoke damage to remainder of house.  353 sustained fire extension to 2nd fl. outside of house.  357 had check for extension to 3rd fl.  FUC-1736 out 2-1/2 hrs. Five lines pulled. Loss 355-$12,000; 353-$1,000; 357-$250. C Platoon 2nd alarm with county units filling the 2nd alarm.

      January 6
      1814- Hope Fire Company No. 2 organized

      1866-5 a.m. Susquehanna and Sayford Streets. Carpenter shop of George Dunkle destroyed. All lumber, tools, etc. destroyed.  Loss and cause to given.

      1990- 1312 hrs.   I-83 SB at Paxton St. overpass.  Tractor trailer traveling southbound on I-83. Driver had heart attack lost control and careened over median into northbound lanes at high speed.  Very spectacular crash.  Truck caught fire with hazardous materials in both trailers.  One northbound car also destroyed.  One dead. One vollie injured. FUC-1435.  D Platoon, second alarm equivalent with one extra county engine, truck, two tankers, and the Cumberland County Hazmat team. A Platoon relieved on scene.

      January 7
      1996-  Snow began falling in the late morning hours of Sunday January 7th.  It snowed throughout the night of the 7th and tapered off the afternoon of January 8th.  22.2" of light blowing snow fell making it the worst January snowstorm in city history.  A State of Emergency was declared by Gov.Ridge for 47 counties.  East of the city it was much worst with Philadelphia  getting 30". Extra personnel called out boosting all companies to four personnel. Engine 6 had five and an officer.  Sleds 1 and 2(S1,S2) were activated and originally ran from Station 1 but later moved to Station 2. By Jan. 9th most side streets still impassable.  Jan. 12 Snow begins to fall for second snowstorm in early morning..  By 1830 hrs. a total accumulation of 10.6 inches was registered at HIA, boosting monthly total to 38.6 inches an all time record for any given month in city history.  By Jan. 15th extra crews terminated, city in good condition.

      2002- 1806 hrs.1503-05-07-07(1/2)  Derry St.  Row of 2-1/2 story frame semi occupied houses.   Fire originated in 1505 caused by faulty wiring. Fire started in second floor front room.  Second floor and loft heavily damaged. Four occupants displaced. Loss $18,000.  1507 sustained fire damage to second floor and loft, water and smoke damage to whole house. Loss $10,000.   1507-1/2(vacant), small amount of fire in second floor and loft. Loss $2,000.  1503(vacant) fire in loft, loss $3,000.   FUC-1854 companies out 3 hours.  Five lines pulled.  A Platoon, third alarm.

      January 8
      1871-  11:00 p.m.  Brown and Ash alleys(present location is the western end of the Health & Welfare building-Commonwealth and Forster)  Two story frame slaughterhouse of John Casey destroyed.  Butchering equipment and large quantity of lard destroyed.  Building past saving on arrival of firemen.  Arson suspected.  Loss $1,600.   Heavy snow on the ground.  Citizen No. 3 and Good Will No. 7 companies used horses from local livery stables to pull their steamers to the scene.  This was the first time that horses were used to pull fire apparatus to a fire.  Hydrants were frozen and a long delay in getting water on the fire occurred.

      1986- 2144 hrs.  510-12-14 Calder St.  Row of two and a half story frame dwellings. Arson fire set on first and second floors of vacant 514 Calder gutted the house. Fire spread through loft to 512 and 510.  Fire damage sustained in loft and third floors with water damage to lower floors of both.  Two persons homeless and overall loss $14,000.  Companies out 2-1/2 hrs.  B Platoon, second alarm.

      January 9
      1985- 0429 hrs.  2701-03 Derry St.  Two and a half story brick duplex  Suspicious fire set in both second floor balcony and second floor rear bedroom of 2703. fire spread to roof of 03 and 01.  Bedroom gutted, heat and smoke damaged to rest of the second floor.  First floor had smoke and water damage.  Smoke and water damage to both floors of 01.  Loss $19,000, two firemen injured.  Companies out almost three hours.  Eight occupants displaced.  A Platoon, second alarm.

      2002- 1636 hrs. 2008-10 N. 3rd St.  Large frame occupied duplex made into made into apartments.  Fire started in 1st floor rear by unattended cooking in 2008.  2008 sustained 1st fl. kitchen and dining room gutted with extension through voids to second and third floors.  Heavy heat and fire damage throughout.  Loss $50,000.  2010 sustained smoke damage with a loss of $6,000.   D Platoon, second alarm

      January 10
      1802-Strawberry Street between Raspberry(Court) and Third Sts.  Fire occurred at 11:00 p.m. and destroyed the stable of David Rowland.  Horse, two cows, several smaller cattle, hay and harness were lost.   A section of the kitchen adjoining the stable was damaged.  Unusually high wind was blowing at the time and it was feared the Dauphin County Court House and several nearby buildings would be lost.  They did sustain some minor damage.  Cause was undetermined.  No loss given.

      1823- Second and Walnut Sts.  One story frame shop occupied by John Brown, barber; one story frame shop occupied by Mr. Pancake, tobacconist; one story frame office of N. B. Wood, Esq.  All of the named structures were destroyed by fire discovered at 4:30 a.m.  Shop of a Mr. Slough was damaged.  Snow cover aided in containing the fire.  No cause listed.  Loss $2,000.  Then surprisingly at 1:45 p.m. fire struck again.  This time it was on Front Street north of Locust.  Dual three story brick dwellings occupied by William Moore and Mordecai McKinney.  Roofs and attic portions were destroyed.  High wind blowing at the time.  Fire believed caused by a defective common flue and discovered at 1:45 p.m.  Although the Susquehanna River was but fifty yards away, considerable time elapsed before any lines, bucket or otherwise, got into action.  Newspapers of the day remarked of "the bad discipline maintained among the different engine companies. . ."  No loss given.   This was the first known instance of two calls on the same day which was most unusual since it was the only two alarms listed in 1823, 1824 or 1825!

      January 11
      1869-7:00 p.m.  Canal and Chestnut Streets. (as close as can be determined this is the present location of the southern end of the western train shed at the railroad station).  Two story frame building owned by George Kunkel and occupied by George Kilner as the Pennsylvania File Works.  Building badly gutted.  Loss $2,000 and only had $750 insurance.  Heavy rain falling at the time of the fire did much to aid firemen in quenching firebrands on adjoining roofs. Arson suspected.

      1988-1600 hrs. 1988 Sutphen 95' aerial platform "quint" having a 1500 gpm pump and 300 gallon tank, placed in service at Tower 2.  First run @ 1815 hrs to 1401 N. 6th St. (Jackson Bldg) for an AFA-Apt 318J-Food on stove. D Platoon

      2001-1759 hrs.  1208-10 Thompson St. Three story frame duplex.  Both vacant.  Fire started in 2nd fl. front bedroom of 1210. 2nd and 3rd fls. gutted.  Squad led off with deck gun, heavy fire showing on arrival. FUC-1900 out 2-1/2 hrs.  Four lines used. No loss given.  1208 sustained damage 2nd & 3rd fls with fire through the roof. A Platoon, 2-2 alarm
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