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***HARRISBURG PA. AREA FIRE HISTORY*** December 1st to December 7th

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    ***HARRISBURG PA. AREA FIRE HISTORY*** December 1st to December 7th For December 1st: 1987 - 2230 hrs. D Sq,C7,C10 17th & Walnut Sts. Vehicle accident
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      ***HARRISBURG PA. AREA FIRE HISTORY*** December 1st to December 7th

      For December 1st:
      1987 - 2230 hrs.  D Sq,C7,C10 17th & Walnut Sts. Vehicle accident involving Wagon 3 responding to Box 62, Fifteenth & Derry.  An auto ran a red light and slammed into front driver's side of the rig.  Three persons trapped in the auto were freed by Squad personnel then taken to various hospitals. FF's Dick Rider(Driver), Bill Schaefer, and Charlie Fields taken to Polyclinic treated for minor injuries. Moderate front end damage to wagon.   The box was false.  D Platoon.

      1988-At 0227 hrs.  1418 N. 6th St. Three story frame vacant. Arson fire set in pile of wood second floor rear bedroom.  Knocked down with PW.  B Platoon, TF Box.  Christopher Lange, 23, also known as Kris Kringle, who listed his address as the Bethesda Mission, 611 Reily St. was arrested on charges of arson for above fire and probably more in previous two weeks. He was caught at the phone booth at 6th & Reily with dye all over him that the arson investigators placed at 1418-20 N. 6th.  Later that day. . . at 1941 hrs. 562 Forrest St. Vacant two story frame building, well involved on arrival.  Building gutted. Suspected arson but not related to Kris Kringle fires. FUC-2023 out almost 2 hrs. Loss $5,000. Two lines pulled. A Platoon, TF Box.  Less then one hour from cleaning up this job at 2238 hrs. an AFA backed up by a phone call came in for the Jackson Bldg at 1401 N. 6th St. Apt 811J. Fire caused by careless smoking gutted apartment.  Heavy smoke and smoke damage to floors 8 thru 13. Water damage to floors 8 and 7. Numerous doors damaged in entry.  FUC-2338 out 3 hrs. 40 min.  Three alarms were struck. Fire showing out windows on arrival. Two lines hooked to standpipes used. Over 100 persons rescued/ evacuated from upper floors. A Platoon, did highly commendable job at this fire. HPD Officer Stephen Blasco rescued from 13th floor unconscious due to smoke inhalation. Eight residents taken to both hospitals.

      For December 2nd:
      1996-1455 hrs.  136-38 Sylvan Terrace.  Three story brick duplex  3rd fl. rear bedroom gutted with damage to loft.  Remainder of 3rd fl. heat and smoke damage. Water damage all three floors.  136- 3rd fl. checked for extension.  2 FF's injured. C Platoon, second alarm.

      1999- 0718 hrs.  444-46 Boyd St./1524-26 N. 5th St. Two & a half story vacant frame duplex fully involved on arrival. Very spectacular, houses burned to the ground.  FD late getting water on fire due to high voltage power lines down and Wagon 3 in crash and OOS.  C Platoon relieved at scene.  FUC-0734 out 2-3/4 hours.  One hand line, 1 elevated platform gun and 1 deluge used.  Wagon 3 hit a pole at Fulton & Boyd laying in with damage to curb side. Loss: 444-46 Boyd $20,000; 1524 N. 5th $9,000 sustained melted siding and broken windows; 1526 $6,000 had melted siding on sides 2 & 3. A & C Platoons, 2nd alarm with extra relief companies.

      For December 4th:
      1844- Cumberland Valley Railroad bridge destroyed west of Hargest (City) Island.  $130,000 loss.

      1995- 1714 hrs.  1922-24 Bellevue Rd. 2-1/2 story frame duplex. Fire originated in 1924 by a hot plate.  Second fl. bedroom & hall gutted. Heat & smoke to 2nd fl. Water to first fl.  1922 sustained smoke damage to 1st & 2nd  fls. Ceiling opened extension to roof area.1 FF injured.  B Platoon.   Second alarm.
      December 5

      For December 6th:
      1993-During the evening and night of December 5, 1993, Deputy Chief Roy J. Sheely of the Lower Allen Township Fire Dept. answered eight alarms with the Lower Allen Twp. Fire Dept.  The final alarm was a multiple alarm fire involving a large warehouse in Carlisle.  The following morning Chief Sheeley suffered a massive heart attack at home and died instantly.  Chief Sheeley was 50 years old and served the fire dept. for 32 years. He was survived by his wife, Cindi, two sons and a daughter.

      For December 7th:
      1986- 0343 hrs.  2042-44-46-48-50 Swatara St.  Row of three story occupied brick houses.  Fire started in 2046, second floor middle bedroom and extended quickly throughout second floor to roof areas.  Heavy fire damage to those areas and water to first.  2042 and 2044 sustained fire damage to roof area and second floors  with water to first and smoke damage throughout.  2048 had fire damage to roof with water to first and second floors. 2050 sustained check for extension in third floor and roof areas and smoke damage.  Seventeen persons homeless. Loss $90,000.  Cause accidental but undetermined.  Truck companies did exceptional roof job.   D Platoon, second alarm with two extra county engines. FUC-0425, companies on scene three hours.   At 0418 hrs. two boxes were struck for a working fire at 1828-30-32 Regina St.  Two county engines, two trucks and a squad responded.  1828-30 was a three story brick occupied duplex.  Fire started in kitchen of 1830, gutting all three floors.  Five homeless, loss $25,000.  1828 had check for extension damage to third floor, loss $5,000, five homeless.  Window frames and outside woodwork burned on 1832.  $1,000 loss. FUC-0520, on scene two hours. Fire very spectacular and firemen on the roofs of Swatara St. took time out from overhaul and watched the Regina St. fire. First major use of positive pressure ventilation (PPV) for fire control and proved to be a decided failure blowing fire throughout the house.

      1993- 0118 hrs.  1711-13-15 N. 3rd St.  Fire originated in 1715 gutting all three floors of row of three story bricks.  Row vacant-good knockdown.  Forced into 11 & 13 and checked for extension.  FUC-0145.  B Platoon, second alarm

      1999- 1207 hrs. 2805-07 Canby St. Boro of Penbrook. Three story frame occupied duplex gutted in spectacular fire.  Home of Penbrook assistant chief.  Tower 1 opened roof, Wagon 4 crew attacked fire.  FUC-1302 out 2 hours, 2 lines pulled. A Platoon, Mutual aid.(2nd alarm equivalent)
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