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LAST WEEKEND for New Voters! - Please Pass On!

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  • Vanessa Nisperos
    As you know this is the critical last weekend to register new voters to vote in the Nov 4 election. For folks who want to support this election, but cant for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2008
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      As you know this is the critical last weekend to register new voters to vote in the Nov 4 election. For folks who want to support this election, but cant for whatever reason go to PA this weekend, you can also support by making calls to swing state voters from your home/cell.

      This is a pivotal moment to make a difference! Read below, get involved, and Please forward on!

      Reach out to swing voters The stakes in this election have never been higher, and there's something each of us can do right now that will make a big difference.

      Can you make phone calls to potential supporters in key battleground states?

      Get your own short list of voters to contact, and we'll give you everything you need to make successful calls.

      What each of us does -- or doesn't do -- in the next few weeks will determine the outcome of this election.

      Millions of folks are tuning into the debates and paying attention to this race for the first time. Voters are looking to see which candidate will change this economy so it works for middle-class families.

      And the most effective way to reach potential supporters is to share our message of change with a personal contact.

      Take this election into your own hands as we head into this crucial final stretch:


      Thanks for everything you are doing,



      Obama '08
      Obama for America

      Take a trip to Pennsylvania for Barack Election Day is just 33 days away. That's not a lot of time.

      And you live near a crucial general election battleground state -- Pennsylvania.

      Polls show a very close race in Pennsylvania, and this weekend is the last chance to register voters.

      We have a real chance to win this state. But it's going to take all of us working together.

      That's why this weekend, we're organizing teams of supporters from neighboring states to come to Pennsylvania for our Drive for Change weekend canvass.

      Sign up to Drive for Change to Pennsylvania and help Barack and Joe Biden.

      Each and every vote in Pennsylvania is absolutely crucial to victory on Election Day. In 2004, John Kerry won the commonwealth by only 2.5% of voters. We need to step up our efforts in Pennsylvania, but we need your help.

      Pennsylvanians who are undecided need to hear Barack's message, and we are depending on your help talking to them about the real choice in this election.

      Join us for the Drive for Change and help make a big difference in Pennsylvania:


      No prior experience is required. Staff will provide you with everything you need.

      We can't do this without you.



      Paulette Aniskoff
      Field Director
      Pennsylvania Campaign for Change

      P.S. -- If you can't travel to Pennsylvania this weekend, you can still make an impact in your own state. Turn your enthusiasm into action and sign up to volunteer today:


      Want to make a difference at home? Visit your state homepage to find out the different ways to get involved.

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