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hip hop conference

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  • Charla Ogaz
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2004
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      >>>The 2004 National Hip-Hop Political Convention in Newark, New
      >>>Jersey will take
      >>>place this summer with strong support from various members of the
      >>>In addition to Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West, Kevin Powell,
      >>>Sway of The
      >>>Wake Up Show/MTV, M1 of dead prez, Afeni Shakur and Davey D., the
      >>>boasts performances by Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy and
      >>>"The fact that artists of this magnitude are choosing to get involved

      >>>underscores the importance ofpolitical issues for the hip-hop
      >>>generation in the
      >>>current climate,"said convention co-founder Baye Adofo-Wilson.
      >>>The four day convention is being held at Rutgers University from
      >>>June 16-19. A
      >>>diverse group of local activists, workers, artists, professionals
      >>>and educators
      >>>will be on hand to discuss and attempt to develop a national
      >>>political agenda
      >>>for the Hip-Hop community.
      >>>A series of intergenerational discussions will take place between
      >>>various Civil
      >>>Rights activists, politicians and the Hip-Hop generation.
      >>>The topics to be discussed include: challenges in the electorial
      >>>grassroots activism, art and responsibility and religion.
      >>>Below is the four day agenda:
      >>>Day 1: Hip-Hop Youth Summit Hosted by: Newark High Schools Juniors
      >>>Seniors at Rutgers University. The Summit will be moderated by Jeff
      >>>Rap's City Political commentator. The Summit will also include
      >>>Deputy Mayor, !
      >>>City of Newark, Ras Baraka, Nas, Doug. E. Fresh, Rock The Vote NJ
      >>>Maya Entista and high school students for Newark.
      >>>Day 2: An Intergenerational Political Dialogue Between The Hip-Hop
      >>>Participants include: Amiri Baraka, M1 of Dead Prez, Monifa Bandele,
      >>>Kitwana, Afeni Shakur, Ron Daniels, Farai Chideya, Hector Cochado,
      >>>Cornel West,
      >>>Rosa Clemente and a peformance by Floetry.
      >>>Day 3: Panel Discussions on Gender, Money, Justice, Education, Health
      >>>Organizing. Hip-Hop Film festival. Evening political discussion with
      >>>Powell, Sway, Jehmu Green, Rock The Vote, Davey D. and Jeff Chang.
      >>>featuring Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Nas and Def Poets.
      >>>Day 4: State Caucuas Meeting. Delegates vote on Plan of Action and
      >>>Decide Agenda
      >>>of delegates. Concert with Public Enemy and surprise artists.
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