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Re: [Fibroid] Iodine

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  • Morgisian@aol.com
    I have not tried iodine as a cure for fibroids but have to say that iodine just takes forever to disappear on my skin and I really don t think it is a cure -
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      I have not tried iodine as a cure for fibroids but have to say that iodine just takes forever to disappear on my skin and I really don't think it is a cure - though it could be part of a way to stop fibroids returning after you have dealt with them by another method such as UFE or myomectomy.  The thing is with research into these type of things is that fibroids do "wax and wane" ie shrink and expand during our normal monthly cycles and mine almost disappeared once only to expand again about 6 months later.  Docs presumed that this was the fibroid finding that it could grow no further in the direction it was growing or for a while running out of blood flow because this was disrupted and then finding room or more blood flow - indeed this was shown to be the case as about a 7cm old part of my fibroid was calcified as shown on MRI but the fibroid kept growing in other parts after that six months of finding either a new blood supply or space to grow.  Although I think most things are worth a try to arrest the growth of fibroids and avoid major surgery if possible there are a lot of people out there preying on women like us and it is worth finding out who is behind this and what companies they are involved in.  Remember if any of these claims can be proved through research at this moment then the medical profession would know about them and be doing more research - though obviously all research has to start somewhere.  Also if anything sounds too good to be true then you know it probably isn't true.  There are lots of companies out there such as vitalzym and fibrovan who are just making lots of money out of women like us.  I myself tried vitalzym with as far as possible an estrogen free diet for 18 months and the only thing that shrank was my bank balance and the symptoms from the fibroid didn't change at all.  So research carefully everything you read and find out who and what is behind it as so many of these companies are just making money for themselves without actually being able to offer a rigorously researched and medically proven product.
      When you consider that about 75% to 80% of women are found to have fibroids though only about 25% to 30% of them are forced to seek medical help for the symptoms from those fibroids then all sorts of women with deficiencies in all sorts of things or no deficiencies whatsoever have them.  There is very little research into the causes of fibroids so just about anything or combinations of things could work for any one of us but not for someone else.

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      I am new to this group and to Yahoo groups so I probably didn't search properly and couldn't find any reference to iodine. Who here has tried iodine supplementation for their fibroids? I joined the iodine group but am awaiting acceptance so I found your group hoping someone here had tried this. I first noticed it on a site where foot painting with iodine solution was suggested but I was more interested in the Bicarbonate in lemon juice idea that I was researching. So I bypassed the iodine discussion. I was lead to the man who claims all tumors are begin as fungus invasion. Iodine is a fungicide as we all know. Which brought me back to researching iodine.

      I read about the deficiency test putting a circle of iodine on your skin (the kind you put on cuts) and seeing how quickly it is absorbed (loses color). Some people actually need to wash it off to get rid of it. I did the test and it went away in a few hours. This indicates a deficiency. I also read doctors used to swab the uterus with iodine to treat fibroids. But an iodine phobia in the 40s scared everyone away from iodine supplementation and now everyone is terrified of overdosing. I just don't think this is correct. Iodine is excreted in higher doses when you are not deficient so I think the body knows what it's doing.

      I haven't read many fibroid shrinking success stories that weren't product advertisements, but I did find one that said she supplemented with iodine. Her uterus "chock full of fibroids" became healthy and normal.

      Any comments? Ideas?

    • M C
      I have been dealing with this fibroid for a few years now. I ve become weary looking at fibroid solutions sponsored by hormone and enzyme companies, vitamin
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        I have been dealing with this fibroid for a few years now. I've become weary looking at "fibroid solutions" sponsored by hormone and enzyme companies, vitamin companies, herb dealers, etc. I have been looking for a solution that is simple and elegant because I believe there is an elegant solution. Our bodies are incredibly smart and fix things if given the proper ingredients.

        I believe there are researchers seeking this elegant solution. Iodine has been used for almost two centuries though no one really understood why it worked. Iodine is stored in ovaries and breasts in large quantity, not just thyroid and so it must be quite important for reproductive health. Women need twice as much as men. And I don't think they're getting it.

        New researchers are finding that iodine is needed in quantities a hundred times the RDA. There is no way you can get it from food unless you live near an ocean and eat products from the ocean daily. My grandparents are from Michigan and this area has been called the goiter belt for lack of iodine and the common appearance of goiter. My grandmother had a goiter. My mother had fibroids and a thyroid cyst. Both sisters have fibroids.

        My experience thus far is this. Two nights ago I put iodine on bottoms of feet. Just for grins and giggles. Then I put a small nickel sized circle on wrist. Both disappeared within 6 or 7 hours.

        The next day I swabbed a 4 inch square patch on my stomach above the fibroid and it was gone in 5 hours. A patch on my arm is still there today very weakly but after almost 24 hours.

        I noticed three things this morning. It's right before my period and I get very tender breasts at this time. We have all read this is due to high estrogen perhaps low progesterone. Whatever it is they were almost painless this AM. (iodine removes the nasty form of estrogen from our bodies)

        The second thing I noticed was a thick nasty coating on my tongue. I don't know what this means. But it is something I noticed.

        And lastly and most importantly I laid on my stomach and the bloat, tenderness and "lump" that is usually quite obvious was reduced significantly. I'm not saying the fibroid was smaller, just the congested sore feeling that I believe is the fluid that builds up around the fibroid area. Iodine may have cut down an infection or perhaps is an anti-inflammatory? I understand that the feel of the fibroid and it's size changes with many things including how much gas or food is behind it, how full the bladder is, what time of the month it is. I have been studying and observing my "constant companion" for years. I know normal and today it is not normal.

        I don't generally have placebo reactions. I've tried so many "cures" for fibroids, that I believe none will work. But this one makes sense. I am an intelligent person with lots of chemistry, physics, biochemistry and science background. The more I read about iodine the more I believe we have been following pathetic iodine guidelines and need to up the RDA considerably. In addition to our basic needs, the presence of chlorine, fluorine and bromine(which replaced iodine in bread products and is very bad for you) displaces iodine. Large doses of iodine will push them out of our bodies and even detox some other things like mercury. I will leave a link to one of the leading researcher's papers and you decide what you think.


        This may not be everyone's problem. There are lots of reasons our bodies crash and bad stuff takes over. But I think this is a big reason for many. Good luck to all. We'll beat this without the knife some day.
      • M C
        ...the fibroid kept growing in other parts after that six months of finding either a new blood supply or space to grow. This is very interesting to me. Dr.
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          "...the fibroid kept growing in other parts after that six months of finding either a new blood supply or space to grow."

          This is very interesting to me. Dr. Simoncini has hypothesized that all cancers/tumors are actually fungi based. They act exactly like a fungus. They are very clever and learn and compensate when faced with fungicides. A fungus will seek out new tissue to invade when the current tissue isn't supporting them. If I have read the research correctly some organs of the body can encyst the fungus (like the uterus) while others don't do it this so well (lungs) Thus you get a benign tumor like a fibroid instead of a malignant one.

          Simoncini uses a simple bicarbonate solution (which is anti-fungal) injected into the tumor site to kill the fungus and has had great success. This kills the fungus fast and completely before it has a chance to adapt or move. The science makes sense. But mainstream medicine hasn't embraced it. The following link will take you through a very detailed discussion that may be hard to follow but it's pretty interesting.


          Others think iodine is important. Interestingly, iodine is a strong anti-fungal and I think these two researcher groups are approaching cancers and tumors from different directions but have the same idea.

          Simplicity is very important in finding answers because putting an herb or concoction with a few dozen ingredients in our body to fight fibroids is like throwing cream pie on a match. Yes it will put it out but WHY?. Water works just as well so why claim cream pie is the magic snuffer of fire? We need to find the simple answers.
        • M C
          I have now been using iodine for about two weeks. A friend of mine called and told me she too has a grapefruit-sized fibroid and is having a full hysterectomy.
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            I have now been using iodine for about two weeks. A friend of mine called and told me she too has a grapefruit-sized fibroid and is having a full hysterectomy. This problem is rampant in the US. She also had fibrocystic breasts and thyroid type symptoms and some autoimmune problems. These all relate to iodine deficiency.

            The good news (I hope) is that when I lie on the floor I can't feel the huge hard mass on my right side. This mass was very large and clearly stuck up and showed a visible lump. Ultrasound showed 10cm fibroid. I can't feel it anymore except a small area very far down right of pubic bone. It went from grapefruit to kiwi size. There is finally a "hollow" spot again on the right side of my stomach. This to me is incredible. If my fibroid has actually disappeared my life will change completely. I'm not celebrating yet because I'm waiting to see what happens throughout the month. But I have to say that I have never lost that huge lump before.

            For three years I've looked on the internet for answers to this fibroid problem. I was disappointed to see people come online, say what they were doing and then never be heard from again. I won't do that. I'll let people know if this works.

            I have found many new sources that say iodine is stored mostly in thyroid, breasts, and ovaries. I was surprised that in women more is stored in ovaries than thyroid. Iodine used to be in milk and bread but was taken out. People are being told to not eat salt, the only reliable substance with iodine that people eat, though still a small amount even if we do use it. We just can't get it in food. That's perhaps why the country is having an epidemic of thyroid problems.

            I read of swabbing vagina with iodine and doctors don't know why it works but somehow getting iodine to ovaries is very important. When you lack iodine in your thyroid you get thyroid cysts. When you lack iodine in your ovaries you get ovarian cysts. When you lack it in your breasts you get cysts in your breast. It seems so obvious to me that iodine is our really big problem. We get most other nutrients pretty easily in vitamin supplements and foods if we aren't on strange diets. But the amounts of iodine we need we can't get from food.

            I talked to a friend and she told me about how they used to use feathers dipped in iodine solution to treat everything. They brushed it over eyelids, on the tongue, etc. I'm not a doctor but I have simple brushed on a 2-inch square of this tincture of iodine every day and night for two weeks in different places and I think my fibroid is almost gone.

            I will keep this dead board posted. Maybe someone will read it and get similar results. Let me say progesterone didn't work. Changing diet didn't work. Taking DIM didn't work. Taking all lotions and laundry detergent and other products out of my life didn't work. This iodine worked immediately. My first period after two days of iodine was not changed much but I only needed 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours. That sounds like a lot but I was taking 4 before.

            I'm sad that so many women are getting cut open, losing the ability to have children, having horrible periods that destroy their ability to plan any event because they might be bleeding too much. God gave us simple answers. I just don't think our bodies need fancy drugs or terrible neutering surgeries. I may eat my words if I am wrong about my fibroid disappearing, but I believe this is the answer for a lot of women.

            BTW, no diet change at all. In fact I read somewhere it's important to get lots of sugar and salt in the diet while dissolving the fibroid. So dang it, I'm making the sacrifice. :P

            Good luck all.
          • M C
            I m leaving this group because I think it s dead and attracting only spammers. I have had wonderful success with my fibroid and I wanted to shout it to the
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              I'm leaving this group because I think it's dead and attracting only spammers. I have had wonderful success with my fibroid and I wanted to shout it to the world. But apparently this is not the place to do it. I'm not a big fan of yahoo groups anyway and prefer a less messy forum setup. If you're looking for cures you'll likely see my posts elsewhere in searches. Good luck to all who come after I leave. Go find your answer and stop listening to doctors who advocate butchery of precious female anatomy. That's not the answer unless you're on the money receiving end. Look for simple answers. They're out there if you look.
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