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  • Alison Lehman Hori
    Hi All- I thought I would list a grouping of a bunch of cottons that I have. The Sirdar has been listed before but I have found some more bags of some of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
      Hi All-

      I thought I would list a grouping of a bunch of cottons that I have.
      The Sirdar has been listed before but I have found some more bags of
      some of the colors so some that I thought were all claimed are back!
      As always, prices do not include shipping. Buyer pays actually
      shipping only-I prefer to send by USPS Priority mail but will look
      into other options if you prefer! I prefer payment by paypal but
      will also accept personal check or money order. I will wait 10 days
      for personal checks to clear before shipping. Please e-mail with
      any questions!

      Oh, I have been told my server was having problems yesterday. If you
      have e-mailed me and haven't heard back, please resend. I think that
      everything with my e-mail is working fine now. In general, if you
      don't hear back from me in 24 hours, please resend. I try hard to
      get back to everyone quickly but I have 22 month old twins so
      computer time is sometimes a bit scarce-LOL!

      Here are the listings for today:

      Klaus Koch Clip Cotton (100% Egyptian Cotton) 100 gram skeins/ 166
      meters. This is a very high end cotton-24 ply, worsted weight, cool
      water wash. Retail price on this yarn is 125.00/bag of 10 skeins.
      My price is 75.00 per bag.
      1 bag bittersweet chocolate
      1 bag hot pink/fushia color

      Jaeger Toscana (86% Cotton,14% polyamide) 50 g/ 110 meters. 10
      skeins per bag. This is a gorgeous, crepe-like cotton. Looks like a
      sport weight to me. I have a summer sweater on the needles out of
      this yarn and it looks like it is going to have wonderful memory for
      a cotton. Retail price is 5.00 per skein. I am asking 25.00/bag of

      5 bags kelly green
      3 bags spring green
      1 bag+1 skein-hot pink

      St. Tropez by Holiday/Gedifra (100% cotton) 50g/125 meters. This one
      has has more sheen and less texture than the Toscana or than the
      Cotton Crepe. It is just a lovely, sport weight cotton. 5.5 st=1".
      Retail price was 4.50/skein. I am asking 15.00/bag of 10 or 1.50 per

      -Pale Peach/Beige-this is a light, neutral color. Looks mostly
      beige with a little pink in it. I have 5 bags of this one
      -pale Khaki-this is a medium taupe color with a bit of green in it. I
      have 16 balls of this color-prefer to sell as a lot
      -light seafoam green-this color is light celery color that it
      is neutral
      in the same way as beige even though it is actually a very pale green.
      I have 1 bag (10 skeins) of this color and that is it.
      -hot pink-this is a gorgeous hot pink color. Really beautiful shade!
      I have 5 bags of this one.
      -pale pink-this is a nice soft pink color. I have one bag of this

      Sirdar Wash and Wear Pure Cotton Crepe. 50g skeins/115 yds.
      Recommended needles size is 5, 5.5 st/1". 100% Cotton, machine
      washable. Retail price is 4.00 per skein. My price is 12.50 per bag
      of 10 skeins.

      I have 4 bags of color Mint Green
      2 bags of color Pink
      1 bag color beige

      Cotton Chenille by Tivoli. 100% Cotton. 50 g/ 90 m (98 yards). I
      listed this one with the chenilles a few days ago but only 1 bag left
      so I thought I would relist here! This chenille is quite a flat
      color-not much shine at all. Colors are very rich and the yarn is
      just wonderful-soft,cuddly yarn. I have 10 balls of a reddish brown
      color (just what Crayola used to call "Indian Red"-not sure what they
      call it now that they have modernized the names of the colors!)
      Retail price was 7.50 per ball, I am asking 25.00/ 10. I make
      actually a few more than 10-if you want more than 10, let me know and
      I will look for a few more balls for you!

      Thanks so much for your interest!


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