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  • Kay Doolittle
    Jul 5 6:11 AM
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      Prices do not include shipping. Please provide your zip code for a postal quote. I will take a money order, cashiers check, personal check or paypal. (Media mail seems to be around $2.69-$3.17 for an average-sized book.)

      To give you an idea what is in each book, I've put together a blurb for each. Nearly all the books have a former owner's name in/on it. 

      $3.00  Weaving You Can Use by Jean Wilson, (1975), SC. Household weavings; weaving to shape and in units to be joined, ethnic sources shown & discussed. Upholstery, rugs, pillows, draperies, room dividers, towels, bedspreads, more. Instructions, diagrams, patterns.  

      $5.00  Baby, Baby, Baby…A Baker's Dozen by Handweaver's Guild of America, folder/SC. (1984), using mostly very washable fibers, good ideas for other items. Drafts and directions for 13 projects. The third in "A Baker's Dozen".

      $4.00 -Fabrics for Interiors, A Guide for Architects, Designers & Consumers by Jack Lenor Larson & Jeanne Weeks (1975) SC, 144 pgs. About furnishing fabrics and how to use them. Pt 1-aesthetics characteristics of fabrics. Pt 2-functions & requirements of window, furniture, wall & ceiling fabrics. Pt 3-explains relationships of different fibers, yarns, cloths, etc. Pt 4-methods of dyeing & printing color into cloth. Pt 5- guide to professional practice: safeguards & testing, production continuum, etc., biblio, glossary.

      $5.00  Fabric Printing: Screen Method by Richard Valentino & Phyllis Mufson, (1975) SC, 49+ pg, gobs of illus., (“screen printing”), San Francisco, CA, showing the art of printing in the creation of a book, going  thru process step-by-step. Set up a studio, materials, design suggestions, sources, techniques. Special emphasis ion photo methods.

      $8.00 -Fundamentals of Feltmaking by Patricia Spark, Shuttlecraft Books (1989) SC, How to: fiber, supplies & equipt., prepare fleece, sample, shrinkage & weight, make felt: flat & 3-D, finishing, creative design.

      $10.00 -Feltmaking, Technique & Projects by Inge Evers, Lark Books (1987) SC. History, basic tech & equipt., traditional and modern tech. & motifs, clothing, other applications: group feltmaking, sculpture, etc.

      $8.00 -The Felting Needle Further Fantasies by Ayala Talpai, self-pub/Diligence Woodworking & Design (2003) spiral. A 2nd workbook. Packed with details, ideas and recently emerged techniques.

      $5.00 -The Art and Craft of Handweaving, including Fabric Design by Lili Blumenau (1955) HC. Pt 1-evolution, looms, weaving procedure; Pt 2-fibers-wool & other hair, silk, cotton, linen/bast fibers, structural fibers, asbestos, synthetic, yarns; Pt 3-weaves: drafting, threading, 11 diff. kinds of weaves, color values in relation to weaves; Pt 4-Designs - yarn, weave construction, color, weight or volume, motifs (all over, stripe, check, etc.), planning, buyer's guide, biblio.

      $8.00 -Warp and Weave by Robert Leclerc, SC, Nilus Leclerc (1972), 80 pgs. Classic book to weaving, covers basic loom design, operation, warping tech., understanding drafts & weaving basics. Written by one of the leading figures in the 20th C. weaving revival, many hints & detailed illus. of components & tech. designed to make the weaving process more understandable. Beg/adv weaver.

      $4.00 -Thrums; Odds and Ends for Handweavers and Dyers by Faithe Shaw Nunneley, self-pub/Flower Valley Press (1991), SC, 144 pg. Full of ancedotes, hints, tips and humor, history of the modern weaving "movement" since the 50s or so. Great for someone who weaves, but doesn't have much experience. Chapters include: Getting Started, Color, Design & Fashion, several chapters on Dyeing, Finishing, Weaves and Warp Finishes, Anecdotes and Folklore from the World of Weaving, and more!

      $12.00 -Spinning and Weaving with Wool by Paula Simmons, Pacific Search Press, Seattle, WA (1977). Choosing the wool right off the sheep, step-by-step thru carding, spinning, weaving, building equipt., eliminate spin & weave problems. Knit & weave projects, resources, more.

      $10.00 -Latin American Brocades: Explorations in Supplementary Weft Techniques by Suzanne Baizerman & Karen Searle, SC,  35 pg. mono [clean], Dos Tejedoras, MN (1976). Techniques, weaving them, free weft float patterns, more. Special weaving instruc.: rigid heddle, frame looms, 4 shaft & others.

      $12.00 -Double Weave: Theory & Practice by Laya Brostoff, Interweave (1979), SC, 45 pgs. Six treadling sequences for weaving; two layers, a tube, double width, tapestry, double woven rugs, biblio, more.

      $8.00 -Designing & Making Handwoven Rugs; Techniques for creating European, Oriental and American rugs & household fabrics, by Osma Gallinger Tod and Josephine Couch Del Deo, (1957-1st, 1976 Dover) SC, 296 pgs. Intro, pile, smooth-faced rugs & tapestry, warp- & weft-face, rag, visible warp/weft textures, borders/finishes/treatment, helpful hints. Make more than 30 kinds of rugs.

      $12.00 -Flat Woven Rugs of the World; Kilim, Soumack & Brocading by Valerie Sharaf Justin (1980) coffee table, HC w/dj. Travel thro the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Americas in a survey of flat-woven rugs & their traditions. In words and pictures the roots of weaving in tribal, peasant, and folk traditions. Weaving materials, methods from breeds of sheep to spinning & dyeing. Descriptions of each rug, including colors, materials, weaving tech, function and origins of the rug. Footnotes, references, biblio,  color plates in the back.

      $4.00 -The Pile Weaves by Jean Wilson (1974) SC, 96 pg. Ends of yarn, cut or looped, rising above a flat background weave to create a surface interest. The pile may be shaggy, tightly packed & upright, smoothed down in regular rows, or a wild non-dirctional tangle of cut ends. Useful as rugs, carpets, cushions, wall hangings. Instructions w/drawings of 26 tech; how to do them.

      To make a purchase or ask questions about these books, please contact me off list. 
      Thank you, 
      Kay Doolittle, Woodinville, WA 98077; <doopub@...>