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23761Cormo, California Red and Mohair

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  • farm80562
    Jul 2, 2014


      If you want an outstanding spinning experience you must experience the
      thrill of spinning soft, strong yarn with a beautiful luster and great
      memory using NATURAL WHITE CORMO TOP OR CORMO ROVING This is the wool you can wear next
      to your skin or make baby clothes..

      We also have soft as a cloud CORMO BATTS in 35 different colors and
      blends of colors. These are great to spin from or to use in a special
      felting project. Felters love to use the batts to speed up the layout


      We have posted 39 new colors of dyed MOHAIR ROVING and BATTS on
      our web site. These beautiful rich jewel like colors and blends of
      colors spin up into wonderful yarn. Some of the colors can be matched
      to our Cormo Roving colors. You can ply the Cormo and the Mohair for a
      very special effect. http://www.applerose.com/Angora%20Roving.html

      This is a very desirable hand spinning oatmeal colored fiber with a micron of 30-35.  It has a soft raspberry colored hair that is lightly scattered through the fiber. It is a soft strong crimpy fiber that can be spun into lace weight or bulky yarn. perhaps you have read about it on Ravelry.
      E-mail your order directly to us. Please include your complete shipping
      address with order so we can get your postage charge..
      Elizabeth Ferraro
      Apple RoseFarm Fibers

      Peru, NY 12972

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