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23759Corriedal Fleeces

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  • pickfordec
    Jun 29, 2014

      I have a variety of Corriedale  fleeces for sale.  Use the flickr link to view photos of each fleece with staple length and weight. Price per pound is $12.00 except as noted below.  The buyer pays the shipping.   flickr.com/photos/16tcollins

       My flock wear coats year round and the fleeces are exceptionally clean. Shorn by a professional shearer and well skirted. Lots of crimp and springiness.  High yielding and will wash snowy white.  Please note the picture one of my customers sent to me of some spun fleece.


      Leah is a lamb fleece and sells for $6.00 per pound. I coat lambs in the fall.

      2013 Orphan Annie fleece sells for $39.00 total.  4.5 pound fleece.

      Emily Collins

      Pickford, MI