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  • Kay Doolittle
    Jun 28 1:44 AM
      Prices do not include shipping. Please provide your zip code for a postal quote. I will take a money order, cashiers check, personal check or paypal. (Media mail seems to be around $2.69-$3.17 for an average-sized book.)

      To give you an idea what is in each book/magazine, I've put together a blurb for each. Nearly all the books have a former owner's name in/on it. 

      $3.00  Weaving You Can Use by Jean Wilson, (1975), SC. Household weavings; weaving to shape and in units to be joined, ethnic sources shown & discussed. Upholstery, rugs, pillows, draperies, room dividers, towels, bedspreads, more. Instructions, diagrams, patterns.  

      $5.00  Baby, Baby, Baby…A Baker's Dozen by Handweaver's Guild of America, folder/SC. (1984), using mostly very washable fibers, good ideas for other items. Drafts and directions for 13 projects. The third in "A Baker's Dozen".

      $5.00 -Batik in Many Forms, Expressions of the Art of Decorating Fabrics with Wax and Dyes by Laura Adasko & Alice Huberman (1975) HC. Technique, materials, design, inspiration.

      $4.00 -Fabrics for Interiors, A Guide for Architects, Designers & Consumers by Jack Lenor Larson & Jeanne Weeks (1975) SC, 144 pgs. About furnishing fabrics and how to use them. Pt 1-aesthetics characteristics of fabrics. Pt 2-functions & requirements of window, furniture, wall & ceiling fabrics. Pt 3-explains relationships of different fibers, yarns, cloths, etc. Pt 4-methods of dyeing & printing color into cloth. Pt 5- guide to professional practice: safeguards & testing, production continuum, etc., biblio, glossary.

      $6.00 -Surface Interest: Textiles of Today by Harriet Tidball, Shuttle Craft Mono #2, SC, (1961) 22 pgs. A type of designing used more frequently for woolens, worsteds, silks & rare wool fibers than cottons & linens. To design surface interest textiles one must think of 2 elements, Surface Elements—>the decorative visual aspect of the textile and the Inconspicuous Foundation—>interlaces the surface, sometimes highlighting it, creating the practical quality of the textile. Contents: surface interest: textiles of today, yarns & threads, warp setts & sleys, warping, finishing, sampling, surface interest designs w/drafts (43 pattern drafts), addenda.

      $5.00 -The Warp; a Weaving Reference by Blair Tate, Lark Books (1987). For a weaver to develop skill and creativity, complete understanding of the warp's function is essential.

      $5.00 -Thrums; Odds and Ends for Handweavers and Dyers by Faithe Shaw Nunneley, self-pub (1991) SC. Full of ancedotes, hints, tips and humor, history of the modern weaving "movement" since the 50s or so. Great for someone who weaves, but doesn't have much experience. Weaving—how to, color, clothing, dyeing, finishings, guilds/study groups.

      $12.00 -Spinning and Weaving with Wool by Paula Simmons, Pacific Search Press, Seattle, WA (1977). Choosing the wool right off the sheep, step-by-step thru carding, spinning, weaving, building equipt., eliminate spin & weave problems. Knit & weave projects, resources, more.

      $10.00 -Latin American Brocades: Explorations in Supplementary Weft Techniques by Suzanne Baizerman & Karen Searle, SC,  35 pg. mono [clean], Dos Tejedoras, MN (1976). Techniques, weaving them, free weft float patterns, more. Special weaving instruc.: rigid heddle, frame looms, 4 shaft & others.

      $12.00 -Double Weave: Theory & Practice by Laya Brostoff, Interweave (1979), SC, 45 pgs. Six treadling sequences for weaving; two layers, a tube, double width, tapestry, double woven rugs, biblio, more.

      $10.00 -Weaving As An Art Form; A Personal Statement by Theo Moorman (1975) HC w/ dj (torn in places), 104 pgs. Her thoughts on the design & aesthetic expression embodied in a woven fabric. Numerous ways Moorman technique may be varied & used. Experiences with commissioned works are utilized in a special chap. relating the problems & opportunities these present.

      MAGAZINES —> all for $100.00 or...
      $10.00 ea -WEAVERS—grew out of PWC, became more multi-S (1987-1999), or any 5 for $45
        -#35 Spring 97 —Design First: blocks, color, twill, friendship treadlings
        -#36 Sum 97 —Fabrics That Go Bump #1-waffle, seersucker, tucks & pleats, thick  & thin, DW
        -#37 Fall 97 —Fabrics That Go Bump #2-honeycomb, ombré, cells, ribs, furrows, pleats
        -#38 Win 97 —Fine Threads, Fine Ideas: leno&lace, sectional warps, minis, 140/2-S,70/2-L,40/2-C+
        -#41 Fall 98 —Fibers! wool&alpaca, hemp&linen, silk&metallic, cotton&lyocell, chenille&copper wire
        -#42 Win 98 —Rugs: tapestry & taqueté, wool & rags, floor & mug, ripsmatta & krokbragd
        -#43 Spr 99 —Scarves: satin&twill, crepon&shibori, warp paint&resist dye, crammed&spaced warps

      $3.50 -WEAVERS JOURNAL—clothing, house accessories (1976-1987)
        -#31 Win '83-'84 —clothing, computer, weave & knit, spin cotton, countermarche

      $2.50 ea -HANDWOVEN really nice shape! 5 or more: $2.00 ea, or all 22 for $40
      M/A-€”Tops & Jackets, Rags to Wear, Lots of Dots
      J/F-Fulled Fabrics, Small Bands, Country Weaving
      M/A-Fashion fabrications, Plain Weave Plus, Old West Allusions
      M/J-Stripes Into Plains, Summer Weaving
      S/O-Tartans, Nordic Traditions, Yarn Medley Vests
      N/D-art of Overtwist, Tapestry Today, Overshot Traditions
      1997—J/F #83-€”Wearables Embellished & Adorned, Game Plan 4 Rugs
      M/A #84-€”Linen Weaving, Huck Lace, Growing Flax
      M/J #85-Take-Along Weaving, Weaving with Rags, Summer Weaving
      S/O #86-€”Rag Rugs, Designing Women, Holiday Weaving, Cords & Piping
      N/D #87-Name Drafts, Swedish Lace, Christmas Cheer
      J/F #88-Plain Weave, Designs To Wear, Stripes and Plaids
      M/A #89-Shadow Weave, Diagonal Moves, Twill Scarves
      M/J #90-€”Multi shaft, Summer Wearables: Tapestry, Living w/Handwovens
      S/O #91-Shadow Weaves, Turned Drafts, Deck the Halls
      N/D #92-Rugs to Dye For, Liturgical Weaving, Bound-weave Rugs
      J/F #93-Pictures in Doubleweave, Pick-up: D. W. &  Finnweave. Blankets
      M/A #94-€”Tapestry: Precision/Passion, S.West Weaving, Towel Gamps, Clothing
      M/J #95-€”Kumihimo on a Card, Warp Rep Rugs, A Huck Lace Sampler
      S/O #96-20th Year Anniversary Edition, Accessories, Swatches, Vests
      N/D #97-€”Weaving for: 1st Day of School, Baby's Baptism, Dinner Party
      S/O #131-Pet Projects (collar/leash/etc), color forecast, towels, DIY websites, bead leno

      $3.50 ea -INTERWEAVE—before Spin-Off (1977) & Handwoven (1979) (more technical articles)
      -Win 78 Vol 3 #2—On Design—Conceptual, Teaching, Yardage; teaching students to ''see", not just observe, to look more clearly at surface, shape, space. Diverse Dyes (reader's samples + 6 recipes), Spinning color. sampling: an Overshot gamp, Wedge weave, Cvrlet Info Sheet #5,6.
      -Sum 78 Vol 3 #4—Production weaving-dream & reality, Saints & Silkworms, Feltmaking, Procion M: thick & thin, Dyes from weeds, sampling: S&W treadling gamp, Riches from Rags (recycling fabrics, nylons, fur into rugs, clothing, cards), Conference re-caps, Columbian sheep, Cvrlet Info Sheet #2.1, 2.2.
      -Spr 79 Vol 4 #2—Tapestry: a brief overview, Lausanne Biennale, tapestry ideas, the natural dye myth, synthetic fibers, Cvrlet Info Sheet 2.5&2.6, Care of Textiles: display, clean, store, pests; Ancient Dye: weld.
      -Fall 80 Vol 5 #4—Weavers of Guatemala & Peru: a continuing Inspiration—Guatemala: its weaving & people, Paracas Needle Technique, backstrap weaving, spare-weft twining (ancient Peru), plaiting - Peru; clothing from rectangles, home brew—centroid colors, defining your business, Jacob sheep, S&W pickup-an alternative, choose projects to suit fleece.

      To make a purchase or ask questions about these books/mags, please contact me off list. 
      Thank you, 
      Kay Doolittle, Woodinville, WA 98077; <doopub@...>