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23539SILK Yarn & Rayon Chenille Yarn

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  • colorrama
    Jan 19, 2014
      Very lustrous thrown MULBERRY SILK YARN, 5000+ yards per pound, in 3 dyed colors: dark chocolate brown, navy blue/purple, rose pink (medium). Varying weights of skeins from 2 oz @ $20 to 4 oz @ $40.
      VERY fine yarn, could be used as warp for weaving, held with another yarn for knitting, even used for embroidery.  This yarn starts as reeled silk filaments from a number of cocoons that are unwound together to make one thicker strand. When this strand is twisted, it is called thrown silk.

      100% Rayon Chenille Yarn on cones @ $35/lb.  This is 1300 yards per pound chenille with high luster i in colors  rose, kiwi (light spring green) and dark green.  Weaver's sett of 15epi works beautifully for scarves, shawls, runners, etc.   Most cones are 2 lb. 

      Carefully stored in non-smoking household. Buyer pays shipping from California (let me know your ZIP) with PayPal, money order, personal check. Contact Ruth McKean through colorrama@....