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  • Kay Doolittle
    Jan 13, 2014
      Prices do not include shipping. Please provide your zip code for a postal quote. I will take a money order, cashiers check, personal check or paypal.

      To give you an idea what is in each magazine, I've listed some blurbs for each. 

      Weaver’s Journal——#17: $8; #25: $6 OR both for $12.00.
      Weaver’s——$10.00 each
      Spin-Off——$2.50 ea; four or more, $2 ea OR all nine for $15.00.
      A Priority envelope will usually hold 4-5 magazines: $5.60, padded: $5.90. Can not be sent Media Mail.

      Terminology: DW = double weave, 4H or 8H = 4 or 8 harness/shaft,  s&w = Summer & Winter, s-s = shaft-switching

      Weaver’s Journal—: Colorado (1977-1987) (12) some handwoven garments, s-s articles
      Vol. 5 #1, Sum 1980 #17——s-s, balinese ikat, hopi embroidery weave, silk dying
      Vol. 7 #1, Sum 1982 #25——matelassé/stitched double cloth, upholstery

      Weavers— Magazine was PWC, more multi-shaft than Handwoven (1987-1999)
      #8   Win 1990 Velvet, Bedford Cord: clothing & pillows, turned twill, freeform S&W
      #25 Fall 1994— Twill Thrills: Networked Twills, mixed twills & taqueté
      #30 Win 1995 —Many Happy Returns: Snowflake twill, 4-8H double weave,  
      #31 Spr 1996— Four or Fewer #2: Log cabin lace, bumberet, tablet weaves,  
      #36 Sum 1997— Fabrics That Go Bump #1: Waffle, seersucker, overshot, 3D DW
      #38 Win 1997— Fine Threads, Fine Ideas: Leno&lace, sectional warp, doll house minis

      Spin-off Magazine — Handspun Gallery in every issue. (9) Most in very good shape!
      1993 Win — Columbia, Dog Hair, Blankets, Annual Registry
      1994 Sum — Montadale, Fred Gerber, Silk, Conditioning Cards, Carding Cotton
      1995 Win — Polwarth, Unusual Blends, Spinning with Kids, Learn2Spin in a Wk
      1997 Sum — Superfine Merino, Handspun Lace, Nat Dyes: Woad&Saxon green
      1998 Fall —Jacob Wool, Endless Stripes, Thinking Caps, Solar Spinner
      2000 Spr — Wild Silks, Pt. 2, Save the Sheep, Indigo Dyeing, 1999 Index
      2000 Sum — Shetland, Akha Spindles, As the World Spins, Wash Wool
      2011 Sum — Soay Sheep, Make Own Spindles, Felt, Rigid Heddle,  
      2011 Fall — Stansborough Grey, All About Wheels, Wheel Time Machine

      To make a purchase or ask questions about these magazines, please contact me off list.

      Thank you,
      Kay Doolittle, Woodinville, WA 98077; <doopub@...>