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  • Kay Doolittle
    Jan 11, 2014
      Prices do not include shipping. Please provide your zip code for a postal quote. I will take a money order, cashiers check, personal check or paypal. 

      To give you an idea what is in each book, I've put together a blurb. Nearly all the books have a former owner's name in/on it.

      $5.00 -Fabric Printing: Screen Method by Richard Valentino & Phyllis Mufson, (1975) SC, 49+ pg, gobs of illus., (“screen printing”), San Francisco, CA, showing the art of printing in the creation of a book, going  thru process step-by-step. Set up a studio, materials, design suggestions, sources, techniques. Special emphasis on photo methods.

      $24.00 -Wild Color (Natural Dyes) Jenny Dean, 100 recipes (1999) Watson-Guptil, SC, 144 pg. Part 1 deals with dyeing process, mordanting, choosing yarns, and adjusting color variations. pt 2 deals with the dyes themselves—collecting, preparing, storing dyestuffs plus specific recipes. SC, 144 pg.

      $8.00 -The New Dyer by Sally Vinroot & Jennie Crowder, Interweave (1981), SC, 118 pg. With Colorcue hue analysis aide. Comprehensive guide for synthetic dyers; detailed fundamental procedures for acid, fiber-reactive and disperse dyes. 

      $4.00 -The Pile Weaves by Jean Wilson, (1974) SC, 96 pg. Ends of yarn, cut or looped, rising above a flat background weave to create a surface interest. The pile may be shaggy, tightly packed and upright, smoothed down in regular rows, or a wild non-directional tangle of cut ends. Useful as rugs, carpets, cushions, wall hangings. Instructions & line drawings of 26 techniques & how to do them.

      $32.00 -Woven Structures by Marla Mallett, Christopher Pub., GA (1998) x-library, SC, 188 pg. Sub-title  is "A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis". Covers a huge array of ethnic techniques ranging from knotted piles, soumak, tapestry, brocading and more. Straps, bands, finishes, selvages, joins and closures are also included. An excellent reference manual; b/w. 

      $21.00 -A Rug Weaver's Source Book; a compilation of Rug Weaving Technique, by Interweave (1984) SC. 8 different crafts people—how do they do what they do? Ideas, loom types & materials, edges & tension, finishes, weaves: plain, twill, rag, rya, warp-faced & block; card-woven selvages & shaft-switching.

      $4.00 -The Rug Book, how to make all kinds of rugs by Lillian Mary Quirke; (1979). Floorcloths, pieced carpets, rugs: felted, hooked, braided, woven & coiled, crochet & knit, rya, latchhook, punchhook, needlepoint.  

      $17.00—VHS: Tapestry Weaving, Level 1 w/Nancy Harvey, (1985) Victoria Video Productions. Video Workshop, running time: 110 minutes in color. Weave horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular, vertical curving and horizontal curving shapes. Includes many technical considerations as well as finishing and mounting tips. Also learn slit, interlocking, outlining, pick and pick, horizontal stripes and more.

      $17.00—VHS: Tapestry Weaving, Level 2 w/Nancy Harvey, (1987) Victoria Video Productions. Video Workshop, running time: 107 minutes in color. Techniques include horizontal shading (hatching, hachures and floating bars), vertical shading (using single and multiple strands of weft), vertical outlining, refinements of double weft and single weft interlock and how to create overlapping transparent imagery. Plan a project, prepare a cartoon, color sampling. Tapestry technique can be used in pillows, rugs, tote bags, wall hangings, and even clothing.

      $4.00 -Wall Clothing Wag-Hraegel by Burdann Fox, self-published, 32 pgs, SC. A new house w/empty walls, a shortage of drawer space, family genealogy and a love of both weaving and history (including the saga, “Beowulf”), the idea behind this booklet began. Not wanting to hide handwovens away, Burdann and a group of fiber artists show how to present fiber on walls. History gleaned from the biblio list is thru-out the book.

      $10.00 -The Double Weave Plain and Patterned by Harriet Tidball,  ShuttleCraft Mono #1, 34 pgs. SC. (1960). History, structure, drafts and graphic forms, 4H drafts and tie-ups, decorative by pick-up, 2-4 block DW.

      $14.00 -A Handbook of Weaves by G. H. Oelsner, HC w/dj (1952?). Translated & revised by Samuel S. Dale, including a supplement on the analysis of weaves & fabrics, 1,875 illustrations. Dover Pub, good shape considering age. A 1915 reference book, republished. Great for creating patterns and extending basic knowledge of weaves. From simple draft and plain weave to more complicated fancy weaves, with clear text and 1,875 working diagrams. Some weaves: irregular, double-stitched and filling satins; basket and rib; twills: steep, undulating, broken, offset, corkscrew, interlocking, herringbone, fancy; honeycomb and lace, tricot and matelassé; corded, piqué and kersey; hundreds more including 342 crépe weaves, etc. More of an idea book, technical info, not a "recipe" book. 

      $7.00 -Surface Interest: Textiles of Today by Harriet Tidball, Shuttle Craft Monograph #2, SC, (1961) 22 pgs. [a little wrinkled]   Lifting of the chief design elements of a textile to the surface. Implies the use of a backing or subsidiary element to create the foundation of the textile. Thread types, color, interlacements which carry a particular impact; achieve emphasis through contrast. Drafts.

      $35.00 -Sheer Delight — Handwoven Transparencies by Doramay Keasbey , HC, dj. (1990) Stellar Publishing House, CA. A transparency is woven on a fine warp, with the pattern areas inlaid with a heavier yarn. When mounted in front of a window, the warp seems to disappear while the pattern seems suspended in the air. How to do.

      $4.00 -Tassels by Doris Hoover & Nancy Welch, 2nd printing (1979) SC; A handbook for weavers, stitchers, needlepointers, banner makers, belly dancers and other playful people.

      $10.00 -Textile Crafts edited by Constance Howard, [x-library,] HC, dj w/plastic wrap (1978). Spinning, embroidery, sprang, weaving, crochet, knitting, bobbin lace, macramé, coiled basketry; nine handbooks in one volume, each concerned with the manipulation of threads.

      $6.00 -A Basic Textile Book, fibres, yarns, spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing by Margaret Seagroatt, HC, (1975). Explore and experiment with various aspects of textile craft. History & characteristics of fibres, beginnings of embroidered & knotted techniques, free development of knitting & crochet to make decorative forms. Fully illus’d w/photos & diagrams, table of historical events, list of suppliers & biblio.

      $2.00 -Creative Work With Textiles by Hetty Mooi [slightly wrinkled] HC, dj. (1975). Weave, knit, crochet, braid, macramé, appliqué, patchwork, embroidery, drawn thread, drawn fabric embroidery, dyeing, 3-D webbing, needlepoint lace, more.

      To make a purchase or ask questions about these books, please contact me off list. 
      Thank you, 
      Kay Doolittle, Woodinville, WA 98077; <doopub@...>