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23384FLEECE for Sale--Rare Breeds

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  • colorrama
    Oct 19, 2013
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      Too much wool, only 2 hands, too little time--so enjoy some of my overflow of fantastic FLEECES!

      ICELANDIC raw fleece, true black and charcoal, 2 lb. $20.  This was shorn 2013, has almost no vegetation, classic dual coat "primitive" wool.  Gorgeous color, easy to wash with almost no lanolin.

      SHETLAND raw fleece, medium moorit 2 lb. $40.  A show fleece prepared by hand picking out vegetable matter.  VERY soft with 2 shades moorit, medium & darker, also some beautiful blond tips.  Super soft & fine, consistant lock Shetland style, almost no vegetation.

      SHETLAND, raw fleece light fawn (beige) 1 1/2 lb. $22.  Super soft fine fleece with consistant lock style, almost no vegetation. 

      ALPACA fleece, washed, medium fawn, very soft, very low vegetation.  Would blend beautifully with light fawn Shetland fleece.

      uyer pays shipping from California with cashier's check, personal check, money order, PayPal.  Give me your ZIP code & I can estimate shipping.  Stored in smoke-free household.  Contact Ruth McKean through colorrama@....