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  • Kay Doolittle
    Oct 17, 2013
      Prices do not include shipping. Please provide your zip code for a postal quote. I will take a money order, cashiers check, personal check or paypal. (Media mail seems to be around $2.55-$3 for an average-sized book.)

      To give you an idea what is in each book and magazine, I've put together a blurb for each. Nearly all the books have a former owner's name in/on it.

      $8.00 -VHS: SUPPLEMENTARY WARP PATTERNING (INKLE LOOM TECHNIQUES) w/Jacquetta Nisbet, (1991) Victoria Video Productions. Video Workshop, running time: 87 minutes. How to weave a warp-faced pattern structure from ancient Peru, while learning optimum inkle loom techniques.

      $17.00 -Latin American Brocades: Explorations in Supplementary Weft Techniques by Suzanne Baizerman & Karen Searle, SC,  35 pg monograph [clean]. (1976) Dos Tejedoras, St. Paul, MN. Techniques, weaving them, free weft float patterns, more. Special weaving instructions for rigid heddle, frame looms, four harness and other looms.

      $12.00 -The Double Weave Plain and Patterned by Harriet Tidball,  Shuttle Craft Mono #1, 34 pgs. SC. (1960) HTH Pub, Santa Ana, CA [x-owner's name-frt pg].   History, structure, drafts and graphic forms, 4H drafts and tie-ups, decorative by pick-up, 2-4 block DW.

      $21.00 -Double-Woven Treasures from Old Peru by Adele Cahlander w/Suzanne Baizerman, SC, (1985) Dos Tejedoras, St. Paul, MN [x-owner's name-frt pg] Double-cloth varieties: patterned plain-weave, warp-faced, complementary-warp, diverse layers, triple cloth. What they look like and how to reproduce them.

      $52.00 -Sheer Delight — Handwoven Transparencies by Doramay Keasbey , HC, dj. (1990) Stellar Publishing House, Petaluma, CA  [x-owner's name-frt pg & note from author, otherwise pristine]. A transparency is woven on a fine warp, with the pattern areas inlaid with a heavier yarn. When mounted in front of a window, the warp seems to disappear while the pattern seems suspended in the air. How to do.

      $13.00 -Handwoven Decorative Trim; an Introduction to Weaving Passementerie Trims by Robyn Spady, (2009) Spady Studios, Bremerton, WA  [SC, spiral-bound, self-published mono, 36 pages, pristine] . TOC—basic anatomy, single warp, two warp, looped fringe, cut fringe, embellishing surface, w/beads, etc.

      $19.00 -Weaving in Miniature by Carol Strickler & Barbara Taggart, SC, (1980) Interweave Press, Loveland, CO  [great condition, original receipt]. TOC: Intro to, Miniaturization of a fabric, Coverlets, Rugs, Contemporary, Conclusion, Biblio, 77 pgs.

      $25.00 -Jacob Angstadt; His Weavers Patron Book, a replica of an 18th century manuscript, book owned and reproduced by Ruth N. Holroyd (1976) HC, 4-32 shafts, mostly 12-32 shafts, 96 pg

      $17.00 -Contemporary Satins by Harriet Tidball  Monograph #7, 33 pgs, SC, (1962) Shuttle Craft Guild, Lansing, MI. History, drafting, treadling, double-stitched/compound/double/irregular satins, damask, Chine & Ikat, more.

      $7.00 -Surface Interest: Textiles of Today by Harriet Tidball, Shuttle Craft Monograph #2, SC, (1961) HTH Pub, Santa Ana, CA  22 pgs. [a little wrinkled/smelly]   Lifting of the chief design elements of a textile to the surface. Implies the use of a backing or subsidiary element to create the foundation of the textile. Thread types, color, interlacements which carry a particular impact; achieve emphasis through contrast. Drafts.

      $18.00 -Weft Twining by Virginia I. Harvey and Harriet Tidball  Monograph 28, SC, (1969) Shuttle Craft Guild, Lansing, MI, 39 pgs [x-owner's name on front, note inside]. Definitions, history-Peru, N.Amer. Indian [Chilkat blanket], Maori, Nagas; looms & shaping, structures of, more.

      $6.00 -Weaving As An Art Form; A Personal Statement by Theo Moorman, SC, (1975) Schiffer Publishing Ltd, West Chester, PA, Her thoughts on the design & aesthetic expression embodied in a woven fabric. The numerous ways the Moorman technique may be varied and used are explored. Experiences with commissioned works are utilized in a special chapter relating the problems & opportunities these present.

      $15.00 -Theme & Variation; More Weaving That Sings by Nadine Sanders & Joyce Harter, SC (no cd), (2002) The Singing Weaver, Chehalis, WA [envelope for cd, almost pristine]. More variations on the Theo Moorman Technique. Weaving directions, exercises, drawings, technical tips, emphasis on designing for the weave structure; multi-layered inlay & double-warp overlay tech, more. 

      $10.00 -Moorman Inlay Technique adapted for Rigid Heddle Frame Looms by Karen Searles, (1977, revised 1983) Dos Tejedoras, St. Paul, MN, SC, 10 pgs. This backed inlay fabric is derived from the two-tie unit weaves. Warping, sheds, threading variations, 3 heddles, design possibilities, sampler, references.

      $2.00 -Learn to Weave on the Rigid Heddle Loom by Ashford Looms, SC (1990s). A quick & easy method for warping up (threading). 12-page pamphlet.

      $8.00 -Hands-on Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport  [almost pristine] SC, (1987) Interweave Press, Loveland, CO. Is efficient, easy and fast to set up and is very portable. Appealing to beg. weavers, as well as to exp. weavers. TOC: How to choose a loom, 1st proj, plain & hand-controlled weaves, plan a project, threads, etc.

      $9.00 -The Xehakis Technique for the Construction of Four Harness Textiles by Athanasios David Xenakis, (1978) Golden Fleece Publications, Sioux Falls, SD [pristine], SC. A useful technique for the production of any three or four harness [shaft] textile on a rigid heddle loom.

      $2.00 -Woven Works, contemporary fiber art   by John & Susan Hamamura   95 pgs.   HC, dj, (1978)  Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA. Tracing the techniques and motifs used by 36 contemporary fiber artists back to their origins in the crafts of other countries.

      $10.00 -Textile Crafts  edited by Constance Howard  [x-library,] HC, dj w/plastic wrap (1978), Charles Scribner's Sons, NY. Spinning, embroidery, sprang, weaving, crochet, knitting, bobbin lace, macramé, coiled basketry; nine handbooks in one volume, each concerned with the manipulation of threads.

       $7.00 -A Basic Textile Book, fibres, yarns, spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing by Margaret SeagroattHC, (1975) Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. Explore and experiment with various aspects of textile craft. History & characteristics of fibres, beginnings of embroidered & knotted techniques, free development of knitting & crochet to make decorative forms. Fully illus’d w/photos & diagrams, table of historical events, list of suppliers & biblio.

      $2.00 -Creative Work With Textiles by Hetty Mooi [slightly wrinkled, a little smelly]      HC, dj. (1975) Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, NY. Weave, knit, crochet, braid, macramé, appliqué, patchwork, embroidery, drawn thread, drawn fabric embroidery, dyeing, 3-D webbing, needlepoint lace, more.

      $4.00 -Tassels by Doris Hoover & Nancy Welch, 2nd printing (1979) SC; A handbook for weavers, stitchers, needlepointers, banner makers, belly dancers and other playful people.

      $14.00 -Universal Stitches; for weaving, embroidery, & other fiber arts, by Nancy Arthur Hoskins, signed by author(1982) Skein Pub, OR. How 5 basic stitches, +195 variations & combos, work upon warp & fabric in functional & decorative ways.

      $6.00 -Learn to Make Tatted Lace by Bev Dillon, Bk 1, 1987, revised ed, self-pub, wrinkled, 32 pgs. Terms, instruction, patterns, and more.

      To make a purchase or ask questions about these books, please contact me off list. 
      Thank you, 
      Kay Doolittle, Woodinville, WA 98077; <doopub@...>