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  • Kay Doolittle
    Oct 17, 2013
      Prices do not include shipping. Please provide your zip code for a postal quote. I will take a money order, cashiers check, personal check or paypal. (Media mail seems to be around $2.55-$3 for an average-sized book.)

      To give you an idea what is in each book and magazine, I've put together a blurb for most of them. Nearly all the books have a former owner's name in/on it.

      $5.00 -African Art, The Colour Library of Art by Dennis Duerden, SC, (1970)  Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd, England (51 full colour plates) [x-owner's name-frt pg]   
      $1.00 -Spider Woman (NW Coast Indian legend) Anne Cameron, illus’d by Nelle Olsen, SC, (1988) Harbour Publishing Co. Ltd., Madeira, BC, 27 pgs. [note 2 owner-frt pg] 

      $11.00 -Notan—the Dark - Light Principle of Design by Dorr Bothwell & Marlys Frey, SC. (1968) Van Nostrand Reinhold; an ancient Oriental concept: dark/light, negative/positive.
      $13.00 -Pattern Without Pain, by Allen W. Seaby, HC, old Library book, (1948) B. T. Bateman Ltd, London, formerly owned by Virginia Harvey (signed in frt). Interlacing Borders, Nature Study, Colour, Children's Art, Art of Patternmaking.
      $2.00 -Visual Elements #1 Pictograms, uncopyrighted art, translated from Japanese, SC, (1988) Rockport Publishers, Inc., 128 high quality line drawings, for layouts, ads, letterhead/business cards, newsletters, spot illustrations.
      $2.00 -Visual Elements #4 World traditional Folk Patterns (wall paper fashion), SC, (1988) Rockport Publishers, Inc., translated from Japanese.

      $8.00 -Free Weaving on frame and loom by Elisabeth Hoppe, Estine Ostlund, Lisa Melen, SC, 91 pg Van Nostrand Reinhold Craft (1972), weaving looms & frames, pattern making, colour, weaving techniques with variations (cottolin, woollens, DW, MMF tech, rose path variations, damask), ideas for patterns, techniques, glossary of weaves, list of suppliers, index.
      $4.00 -The Pile Weaves by Jean Wilson, Van Nostrand Reinhold Craft (1974) SC, 96 pg, ends of yarn, cut or looped, rising above a flat background weave to create a surface interest. The pile may be shaggy, tightly packed and upright, smoothed down in regular rows, or a wild non-dirctional tangle of cut ends. Useful as rugs, carpets, cushions and wall hangings. Detailed instructions w/explanatory line drawings of 26 techniques and how to do them.
      $5.00 -Unicorn Tapestries, adaptation by Linda Sipress, staff writer, based on a study of the Unicorn Tapestries by Margaret B. Freeman, Curator Emeritus of The Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art (1974) SC, 25+pg. Woven about 1500, these seven tapestries depict a medieval hunt to capture the legendary unicorn. These were executed with monumentality, incredible detail, technical brilliance, and subtle coloring in some of the finest tapestries produced during the Middle Ages. Descriptions, images, close-ups, color and b/w, tells the story of the hunt. History of tapestries in back.
      $45.00 -Woven Structures by Marla Mallett, Christopher Pub., Atlanta, GA (1998) x-library, SC, 188 pg. The sub-title of this book is "A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis". Covers a huge array of ethnic techniques ranging from knotted piles, soumak, tapestry, brocading and more. Straps, bands, finishes, selvages, joins and closures are also included. An excellent reference manual; b/w. 
      $5.00 -From the Bosporus to Samarkand, Flat-Woven Rugs by Anthony Landreau & W.R. Pickering, The Textile Museum, Washington, DC (1969), SC, 112 pg. Design & Provenience, techniques & terminology: tapestry-woven rugs (Kilims), Soumak, Brocaded, Embroidered, compound-weave, mixed-technique rugs; bibliography. Gobs of pictures/plates, color&b/w.
      $5.00 -Designs & Patterns from North African Carpets & Textiles by Jacques Revault, Dover Publications (1973). 300+ patterns and designs from North Africa, particularly Tunisia, captions explaining their point of origin, motifs&designs. History, how they were made, differences from one tribe or area to another. 344 illus. SC.
      $5.00 -Folk Designs from the Caucasus for weaving and needlework by Lyatif Kerimov, Dover Publications (1974) SC, 120 plates with over 450 individual designs from the weaving district of Azerbaijan, produced in clear diagrammatic form. Designs, derived from many Asiatic and ancient East European sources, include human figures, real & mythical animals, plant forms, every day objects, and gobs of geometric forms. Also traditional designs and over 100 border elements.
      $40.00 -Rug Weaving Techniques; Beyond the Basics by Peter Collingwood, (1990) Interweave Press, Loveland, CO, HC, dj [X-ed out name-frt pg, slightly wrinkled]. New ideas and insights, new techniques of plain, twill and block weaves. The three-end block weave is fully described, especially the application to it of shaft-switching.
      $24.00 -A Rug Weaver's Source Book; a compilation of Rug Weaving Technique, by Interweave (1984) SC. 8 different crafts people—how do they do what they do? Ideas, loom types & materials, edges & tension, finishes, weaves: plain, twill, rag, rya, warp-faced & block; card-woven selvages & shaft-switching.
      $5.00 -The Rug Book, how to make all kinds of rugs by Lillian Mary Quirke  [a little smelly]; (1979) Prentice-Hall Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Floorcloths, pieced carpets, rugs: felted, hooked, braided, woven & coiled, crochet & knit, rya, latchhook, punchhook, needlepoint.  


      $4.00 -Spinning Designer Yarns by Diane Varney, Interweave (1987) SC. Rediscover the excitement of spinning; color, texture, fuzz and shine. 
      $70.00 -Song of the Musk Ox by Kathy Sparks (1993) book #219 of 500, Spiral. History of animal, native "cottage industry" of spinning and knitting sweaters. a bio of the woman that put the plan into action; sample of quivut included.
      $32.00 -Handspinning, Dyeing & Working with Merino and superfine wools by Margaret Stove, (1991) HC, Interweave Press.

      To make a purchase or ask questions about these books, please contact me off list. 
      Thank you, 
      Kay Doolittle, Woodinville, WA 98077; <doopub@...>