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23372AD: 25% OFF Columbus Day Sale - Looms, Heddles, Books, Magazines, Win ders, Spinning Wheel , more

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  • Jane's Garden Place
    Oct 11, 2013
      On Monday, Columbus Day only, use coupon code COLUMBUS25 for 25% off all fiber related items in my Webstore (see list below). They will only be sold from my webstore so please do not email asking if an item is available. Go to the website @


      (use copy & paste if necessary).

      Texsolv 12" Heddles
      Flat Steel 10" or 10 1/2" Heddles
      Wire 10" or 10 1/2" Heddles
      Flat Steel 12" Heddles

      Rigid Heddle Weaving DVD (Betty Davenport)
      Spinning Designer Yarns - Diane Varney
      Weaving in Miniature (Autographed) - Strickler & Taggart
      The Complete Book of Bertha Hayes' Patterns - 75 Drafts & Design Effects
      Josephine Estes' Miniaure Overshot Patterns for Hand Weaving
      Basic Double Weave Theory - 4, 6, 8H Double Weaves - Sara Farrar
      Learn to Weave on the Rigid Heddle Loom - Ashford
      Spindle Spinning - From Novice to Expert
      A Book of Patterns for Hand Weaving by John Landes
      Weaver's Magazine Fall 1998
      Weaver's Magazine Spring 1999
      Spin-Off Magazine Spring 1995
      Spin-Off Magazine Fall 1995
      Spin-Off Magazine Winter 1996
      Handwoven Magazines: 1980 - 2004
      The Fabric Book II by Harrisville Designs and Leslie Voiers
      Handwoven Design Collection 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19

      Tom Siske Spinning Wheel - Cherry Wood

      Norwood 30" Weaving Width Cherry Wood Loom 4H, 6T
      Norwood 30" Weaving Width Cherry Wood Loom 8H, 10T
      Beka 60" Weaving Width Cherry Wood Loom 8H, 10T

      Doffers (for drum carder)
      Mattson Swedish Bobbin Winder
      Niddy Noddy - Cherry?
      Bamboo Knitting Needles
      Punch for Knitting Machine Cards
      Schacht Loom Treadles
      Knitking Yarn Winder - Manual
      Leclerc 60" Sectional Warp Beam - 1" Spacing

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