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23360For Sale - Spinning Stool

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  • Joe Zygala and Lucinda Shastid
    Oct 3, 2013
      FOR SALE - pine spinning stool by Hans von Tresckow. Three-legged, holds up to 220
      pounds. In like-new condition.

      http://www.woolgatherers.com/id151.htm for pictures and details

      The chairs are handmade. The seat is about 2 3/8" thick, 16" wide and 9 3/4" deep.
      The seat form is dished out about 1 1/8" deep and formed to support your body well.
      The seat is tilted 3 degrees forward, which straightens out your spine.
      The three legs are 1 1/4" round dowels, which support the seat about 20" off the
      floor. The legs are glued into fairly deep holes in the seat underside and tied
      together by two rungs to prevent the legs from spreading outward.
      The weight is about 4 pounds.

      Since I bought my HansenCrafts miniSpinner, I no longer treadle so I don’t need a
      spinning stool.

      Current price is $90 (plus shipping from Wisconsin, approx $20-$25, =$110-$115)),
      I’ll sell for $80. Pick-up at Rhinebeck, Saturday or Sunday.

      Lower NY, where it meets Connecticut