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Fwd: May 7 and May 17-19 Troop 180 Canoe Trips

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    All: I am forwarding this information in case any one of you are interested in participating with upcoming Boy Scout activities on the Red Cedar River and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2013
      I am forwarding this information in case any one of you are interested in participating with upcoming Boy Scout activities on the Red Cedar River and the Rifle River.  Please contact Eric Ditschman to RSVP at erichditschman@.... .
      Jay Hanks, President, Lansing Oar and Paddle Club


      always wear your Life Jacket when paddling

      LOAPC - PO Box 26254 - Lansing, MI 48909
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      I am very excited about canoeing with Troop 180.  Since Jake and I joined the troop in 2010, there have been no canoe trips.  Only our older scouts can remember canoeing with the troop.  Because of this, it is very important that we properly prepare.   Its our motto, right?  With proper preparation and skill development, together we can create a canoeing culture for Troop 180 which will allow for hours of fun on the water.

      We have two upcoming canoe events, each will take a detailed degree of planning.  I need your help in telling me which events (Scout and Adult) will be attending.  I need to make canoe placements so that beginners are with more experienced canoeists (including those who have earned the Canoeing Merit Badge - important, if you have a Canoeing Merit Badge, but do not feel comfortable being in the stern on a quick moving stream you need to tell me).  I also have to determine how many canoes we will need to rent.

      Please respond with the names of those that will be canoeing for each of the events below.  

      May 7  Red Cedar River and Grand River

      6:00 Meet at Kruger Landing, Aurelius and the Red Cedar River (see map below but ignore green arrow).  Unload boats and gear.

      6:05 Receive safety briefing

      6:15 Depart

      7:30 Confluence of the Grand River

      8:15 Dock upstream of dam at Old Town and load boats 

      The river will be cold providing for hypothermic conditions.  It is important that each paddler have a change of clothes sealed tightly in a dry bag.  A dry bag is a specially designed bag that when properly sealed will keep the contents dry if the bag is submerged.  Garbage bags do not make reliable dry bags.  We will need these bags on both trips.  They can be purchased at Summit Sports, Dicks and Dunham's.  The troop has some dry bags, so if you don't have one and will need one please indicate so on the sign up below.  You will also want to bring a filled water bottle.  The troop will be supplying personal flotation devices (life vests).  You may bring your own as long as it is Coast Guard approved.  

      Sign up                                   Need Dry Bag

      May 17-19  Rifle River - Tentative Schedule

      Friday May 17

      TBD  Meet at Asbury Church and load gear.

      30 min. later Depart for Cole Canoe Base

      2.5 hrs. later Arrive and set up camp

      Saturday May 18

      10:00 Load vans for drive to put in on the Rifle River

      10:30 Safety briefing and prepare canoes

      11:00 Launch canoes

      1:00 Stop for lunch (this is an ideal opportunity for scouts undertaking Cooking Merit Badge to use a backpacking stove to make a lunch).

      1:30 Launch canoes

      3:30 Arrive at camp

      The gear listed above will be necessary for this trip.  Additionally, a backpacking first aid kit, lunch and snacks will be needed.  Extra water will also be needed.  Camel backs work nicely in a canoe.

      Sign up                                              Need Dry Bag

      We will discuss more details for each of these trips at the meetings prior to the trips.

      Call me with at questions at 5176447764

      In Scouting, Mr. Ditschman

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