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    FYI Jay Hanks ............O ......(___|||/____) ............./ always wear your Life Jacket when paddling Interesting update from this year s Verlen Kruger
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      Jay Hanks


      always wear your Life Jacket when paddling
      Interesting update from this year's Verlen Kruger Award Winner, Mr. Russ Hicks - his involvement in "Putting The Rapids Back in Eaton Rapids" is one of the many criteria that came forward to QWS.  I believe their master plan designs for the reconstruction of the waterfront, the launches & the whitewater park are online.  I did see the huge piles of rocks amassed for the project that got bartered and gifted and delivered - it's like 50 yards by 30 yards by 3 yards high... - going to be quite a paddling location...

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      Hi All, 
      We received a $10k grant from the R.E. Olds Foundation today for the design phase of the dam removal/rapids replacement. Sandy Verry, the engineer/designer, will spend time over the next six weeks in the final design phase. We find out on March 22 if we receive the $232K DNR grant which would complete the project by October. Our backup grant from the USFWS won't be awarded until late spring. The latter would put us into a 2014 completion schedule if the Boardman River "Brown Dam Incident" back in October absorbs the full $2.3M from the DNR. Even though the Boardman River dam removals (3) are fully funded already, I'm sure that the engineering firm didn't count on the draw-down failure and the significant downstream damage that was caused during the failure.

      Since this DNR money is for fish/fishing and "not recreational paddling,"  the central channel will have four drops of roughly 10-14 inches each over 250 lineal feet; essentially a "straight shot" at this point to accommodate paddlers. The drops will be about 80 feet apart with eddy pools on each side of the channel. Depth will be about 2-4 feet during normal river levels. Dr. Verry estimates about a 2-2.5 rapids during high water or snowmelt events. The 9 inches of rain back in June, 2011, over 36 hours would nudge the channel to a "short-term 3." He said he "wouldn't paddle it without a helmet." The paddlng channel will be about 10 feet wide going through the weirs. Depending on how the HEC RAS hundred-year flood modeling goes, we might be able to tweak that paddling channel with placement of one of our larger boulders (or two) for a more of a challenge. The fish will have numerous foot-wide channels to traverse moving upstream.
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