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Saturday's Outing! :0)

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  • Maggie Yerman
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      Subject: Saturday's Outing! :0)
      Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 01:20:15 +0000

      Maggie here is my report on our excursion at Sleepy Hollow.  Would you please forward it to our group?  Thanks bunches!
      We started out on time with 11 of us attending.  The weather was perfect, attitudes were spunky and the lake was spectacular.  We paddled the perimeter checking out the sights and sounds of nature and laughing and visiting too.   We all made it to the beach and enjoyed a picnic lunch together and a stretch.  Then it was back out on the lake and off for more adventure.  The high winds of the day tired some who took a short cut back to the launch and others just went with the flow...that's the beauty of lake paddles.  We met many other kayakers that day which reinforces the realization that kayaking has really come into it's own as a sport.  The lake is so large that even though I watched 10 other kayakers put in while I waited for our group, we only saw glimpes of each other out on the water. 
      I think all agreed it was well worth the drive.  We even had a couple who were also there to kayak ask about joining the Fenton Area Paddlers.  Though they are from the Lansing area, they seemed very interested in our group.  Perhaps it was all the fun we were having as we loaded boats and gear and merrily went on our way to our next adventures!!!
      And speaking of our next adventures: 
      Linda and I tried Indian Lake which one of our newcomers had recommended.  We went out today and LOVED it.  It is a series of lakes connected by channels and is very natural.  It feels like you are floating through a bird sanctuary.  We saw a pair of swans with SIX little cygnets!  There were a few fisher-people and no other kayaks.  Apart from the at times HIGH winds it was wonderful.  (My recently sprained wrists have been iced several times this evening. But that is the price one pays for the love of the kayak!!! I don't have to explain that to this group.)  :0) 
      Indian Lake is located on Latson Rd off of Center Rd.  Get to Center and go west til you can't go any more.  You will have entered Deerfield Township.  Turn right on Latson and you will see a park sign.  Take the two track into the wilderness and there is a parking area and then the launch...rustic, natural and great!
      Thanks to all those who came out for my outing.  Looking forward to the next one I can attend, Susan

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