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Cleanup reminder from Chuck

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  • Maggie Yerman
    ... From: Chuck Julian To: Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 5:54 AM Subject: River cleanup Sunday September 29, 2013 9 AM Reminder and
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      From: Chuck Julian <chuck.julian@...>
      Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 5:54 AM
      Subject: River cleanup Sunday September 29, 2013 9 AM

      Reminder and a few more comments.

      Headwaters Trails will be having a cleanup of the Shiawassee River from
      Water Works Park in Holly, to Strom Park in Fenton, Sunday September 29,
      2013.  This is to get the river ready for the Saturday October 5 Color
      Paddle.  We will meet at 9 o'clock in the parking lot of Water Works
      Park, spot cars and start down the river.  I expect that we will be done
      by 1:00.  This will be a rain or shine event.  The forecast is that
      there will be a 50% chance of showers.

      At this point in time, there are no reported blockages, but the river
      needs to have the trash pulled out and there are a lot of face slappers
      that need to be trimmed with clippers.  It is possible that we may find
      some trees to trim, and I will bring two chain saws, just in case. If
      you have clippers, those are welcome.  I have a couple of old pairs that
      are getting on the dull side.  Trash grabbing tongs are really helpful
      when it comes to reaching in behind logs and bushes to get the plastic
      bottles, etc. that we want to pull out of the river.

      If we have enough people, I would like to divide the crew in to two
      groups, with one going from Water Works Park to Strom Park and the other
      going from Bush Park in Fenton, to Torey Road.  It is reported that
      there are two trees blocking the river.  Since this will probably be the
      last cleanup of the year, it would be good to get them out of the way.

      If you plan to walk in the river to help clean it, you should wear heavy
      soled shoes.  You never know what you might step on that could cut your
      foot.  Gloves are a good idea, but not necessary.  If it is sunny, bring
      a hat.  I will try to remember to bring mosquito repellant.  You
      normally only need that if it is a cloudy day.

      If you have never done a cleanup with us before, you might want to
      review our best practices page,
      http://headwaterstrailsinc.org/best_practices.htm. I will be bringing
      all the necessary tools to do cleanups according to these best
      practices.  We are operating under the guidance of Joe Leonardi of the
      MDNR, and adhere to the practices he has prescribed.

      Please email or call me at 248-634-3513 if you are planning to come.
      Karen Monetta has offered for us to eat at her house after the cleanup.
        She will provide food, a bonfire and her wonderful hospitality.

      I will bring a cooler full of drinks and trash bags in my rowboat plus a
      plan to have fun.  Canoes and rowboats are often best because they can
      haul tires and other debris that we find in the river.  If you come with
      a kayak, you can pass the trash on to one of the larger boats.  Kayaks
      are really good for going into hard to get at places to pull out trash.
        If all you have is yourself, let me know and I will try to arrange to
      have a boat for you to ride in.  If you bring a rowboat, we find that
      kayak paddles work good in the river.  It is a little narrow to use oars
      in the river, though they are useful in the mill pond.  A trolling motor
      is really helpful to get across the mill pond in Fenton.

      Fall Color Paddle

      Whether or not you help clean the river on Sunday, everyone is welcome
      and encouraged to participate in the Fall Color Paddle, which starts at
      1:00 on Saturday October 5, 2013.  Registration begins at 12:00.  We
      plan to have a tow boat on the Fenton Mill Pond, in case there is a
      strong wind and you need a tow across to Strom Park.

      The Shiawassee is particularly beautiful this time of year.  Migrating
      birds are starting to congregate for the trip south.  Deer are active in
      mating season.  The leaves are turning color.  There has been plenty of
      rain, so the river is easy to paddle.  This stretch has fewer visible
      houses per mile than many up north rivers up north, so it has a quiet
      and relaxing quality that normally you pay to vacation in.  Come join us
      for a wonderful time.
      Chuck Julian
      248-634-3513 home
      248-335-8785 work

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