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1052Fw: Headwaters Trails Owl Walk February 22

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  • Maggie Yerman
    Feb 5, 2014

      Headwaters Trails will be holding an Owl Walk and Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday, February 22
      We will meet at 5:00 in the New Rose Township Hall, 9080 Mason Street, Holly, MI 48442.

      We ask that people who come become members, to help defray the costs of  this event and support our goal of creating trails in Northwest Oakland County.

      We need to have an estimate of how many people will attend. If you are planning to participate, please send Chuck Julian an email at chuck.julian@..., or call him at his home, 248-634-3513.  Leave a message on his machine if he does not answer. 

      Headwaters Trails will provide paper plates, cups and dinnerware plus a selection of pop and water.  Jim Wright will be grilling
      hamburgers and vegetarian Morning Star Grillers.  Chuck Julian will bring a whole ham and a vegetarian lasagna.

      Please bring a dish to pass.  A label that says what the dish is called and if it contains meat or not, will be appreciated.  If you care to
      share your recipe, handouts with instructions are appreciated by many. Please put stickers with your name on any dishes or utensils you bring that you would like to have returned.

      After Dinner, we will show a video on Owls as well as walk along Water Road to listen for owls.  We will start one group out on the walk right after dinner while the video is playing, then start the second group after the video has completed.  Please expect the owl walk to take about an hour. Upon the return of the first group, we will again play the video.

      Water Road, is an unmaintained road in Rose Township.  This road is a future walking and horse back riding trail in Oakland County, that is being developed by Oakland County Parks along with help from Headwaters Trails and others.  This road has not been plowed, so dress for walking in snow, and appropriately for the weather conditions.

      Owl Facts

      You may want to bring a flashlight or kerosene lantern.  Chuck will be bringing some kerosene lanterns to share. 
      The moon will not be up at the time we make our walks, so some form of light is a good thing. Please do not shine lights directly at any owls we may see.  The lights can blind the owls while startling them, risking that they may injure themselves as they fly off without being able to see the tree branches in front of them.  It would be better to shine your lights on the ground in front of the owls and view them from reflected light.  On top of having extremely good night vision, owls have exceptional hearing.  A great horned owl can hear a mouse under two feet of snow.  They will also take prey as large as a rabbit.  This means that it is important that we do not make a lot of noise, which may scare the owls off or the prey they are hunting.

      This time of year, only the larger owls like the great horned, will be calling.  The smaller owls call for mates later in the spring.  Some
      owls will call even when not mating, but others, like the saw-whet, will only call in mating season.

      More About Headwaters Trails, Inc

      You can find out more about Headwaters Trails, the work we do, the events we host and membership information at www.headwaterstrailsinc.org.

      Please become a member and support the people who have been maintaining the Shiawassee River Heritage Trail, open for paddling.  We have been active in creating and supporting the creation of walking, biking and horse back riding trails.

      Right now, we are trying to raise match money to build a launch at the Shiawassee River and Fish Lake Road.  That project is estimated to cost $80,000.00.  We will need to raise at least 20%.  We have already purchased the land necessary.  Your memberships and contributions will support that goal.

      Please forward this message on to anyone that you think may be interested in this event or in supporting our goals.  We are always
      looking for volunteers if you like to be active with a great group of people.

      Headwaters Trails is a non-profit 501(c3) corporation.  Contributions are tax deductible.

      Chuck Julian

      Headwaters Trails Inc.
      P.O. Box 33
      Holly, MI 48442-0033