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1037Fw: River cleanup results

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  • Maggie Yerman
    Sep 30, 2013

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      From: Chuck Julian <chuck.julian@...>
      Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 6:45 AM
      Subject: River cleanup results

      The River Cleanup went on as planned on Sunday September 29, 2013, in a
      light rain.  The air was a little cool, but the water was warm.  Maggie
      Yerman, Jim Kure, Bill, Dennis Terry, Terry Reechko, Joetta Zalewski,
      Mary Smith, Karen Monetta and Chuck Julian went down the river.  Sue
      Julian helped get the crew off and helped recover them at the end.  The
      group was divided into two groups, with one clearing the river from
      Water Works Park in Holly to Strom Park in Fenton, and the other
      clearing the river from Bush Park in Fenton to the DNR launch in Lake
      Ponemah.  From the Water Works to Strom was mostly clearing trees in the
      water and pushing back the bushes from the river.  From Bush to Ponemah
      was largely picking up trash with some face slappers trimmed and a few
      logs cut and moved to the side of the river.  That group pulled four
      full garbage bags worth of cans, bottles and other debris out of the
      river.  The worst trash was right around Bush Park.  The river was
      fairly shallow, meaning that the rowboat had to be pushed in several
      spots.  The kayaks seemed to make it through without having to get out.
        Hopefully, this weekend's rain and that predicted later in the week
      will raise the water level a little.  Otherwise, the river is open from
      Water Works Park to Lake Ponemah.

      Jim Kure pointed out that we could possibly do a cleanup of the river
      from Byron to Walnut Hills, in the future.  The river there has a lot of
      logs in it from the tornado that went through this summer.  He noted
      that the wind was so strong that many of the trees were splintered, and
      not just knocked down.  If we get a warm weekend before winter, we may
      schedule that cleanup.  Otherwise, it will have to wait for next summer.

      After the cleanup on Sunday, the crew was treated to a wonderful warm
      meal at the home of Karen and Jeff Monetta.  The rain kept us inside as
      opposed to going out to a warm bonfire as was originally planned.  We
      watched a little football, had great conversation and enjoyed the warmth
      of hospitality provided by the Monettas.  Many thanks to the Monettas
      and all who participated.
      Chuck Julian
      GeoLogic Computer Systems
      2505 Williams Dr.
      Waterford, MI 48328

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