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Re: [FeministSecurityStudies] FSS submissions for ISA 2014

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  • Ronni Alexander
    Thanks for doing such great work! ronni ... -- ********************* Ronni
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2013
      Thanks for doing such great work!

      (2013/06/02 9:20), Annick T.R. Wibben wrote:
      > Dear All -
      > Our ISA submissions are done! We have a record 14 panels and I'm already
      > dreading making decisions on which panel/ conversation to attend next
      > spring...
      > Also, this record number of submissions was made possible not only because
      > of the excellent support from Lauren Wilcox who worked with me this year,
      > but also the many FSSers who took it upon themselves to submit complete (or
      > almost complete) panels to us this year. Thank you!!!
      > Here is a list of the panels we have submitted:
      > FSS1 Gender and Post Conflict Institution Building: Linking International
      > and National Spaces *(thanks Laura McLeod & BISA on this one)*
      > FSS2 Gender and Militarized Heroism in Popular Culture *(thanks to Jenny
      > Mathers for this one & FSS3)*
      > FSS3 Gender and Militarized Heroism: Experiences and Discursive Practices
      > from Around the World
      > FSS4 Theorizing the Politics of Space/Place in Feminist Security Studies
      > FSS5 Gendered/ Gendering Lives in a Post-Conflict City *(thanks to
      > Marjaana Jauhola & Leena Kotilainen)*
      > FSS6 Gender and Embodiment in Changing Landscapes of War
      > FSS7 Insider and/or Outsider? Feminist Perspectives on Positionality and
      > Reflexivity
      > FSS8 Non-State Armed Groups, Gender & Violence *(thanks to Phoebe Randal)*
      > FSS9 Canadian Perspectives on Women in Combat *(thanks to Maya Eichler)*
      > FSS10 Issues in the Study of Gender-Based-Violence and UN Frameworks
      > FSS11 Who Gets To Fight? Gendered & Sexualized Combat Exclusions and Ideals
      > FSS12 Intersectionality in Feminist Security Studies: Methodology Matters
      > FSS13 The Soldier as Liberal Citizen *(thanks to Julia Welland)*
      > FSS14 War and Security or War/ Security: Critically Reassessing
      > Boundaries *(thanks
      > to Alex Kreidenweiss*)
      > See you in Toronto!
      > Annick*

      Ronni Alexander/ロニー・アレキサンダー
      Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
      Kobe University
      Rokko-dai, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-8501 JAPAN
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