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342Critical Military Studies journal: First CfP

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  • Annick T.R. Wibben
    May 25, 2014
      This might be of interest/ apologies for cross-posting:

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      From: Basham, Victoria <V.M.Basham@...>

      Critical Military Studies Call for Papers

      Dear Colleague, 

      We are delighted to announce the first call for papers for Critical Military Studies

      Critical Military Studies is a new peer-reviewed academic journal which will be published by Taylor and Francis from 2015. Critical Military Studies provides a rigorous and innovative platform for interdisciplinary debate on the operation of military power. As an international peer-reviewed journal Critical Military Studies publishes scholarly work conceptualizing, critiquing and challenging accepted orthodoxies on all aspects of military power and institutions.
      Critical Military Studies is a space for the interrogation and destabilization of often taken-for-granted categories related to the military, militarism and militarization. It welcomes original thinking on the contradictions and tensions that are central to the ways in which military institutions and military power work. It analyses how these tensions are reproduced within different societies and geopolitical arenas, and within and beyond academic discourse. Conceptual, empirical and theoretical contributions on experiences of militarization among groups and individuals, and in hitherto underexplored, perhaps even seemingly ‘non-military’ settings are also especially encouraged.
      In addition to research articles, Critical Military Studies includes an Encounters section, which provides an open space for original creative work and alternative forms of critique. For Encounters we invite submissions developed through engagement with social and political life, environmental issues, cultural production, the arts and media. We encourage contributions that explore diverse modes of representation such as: interviews; exploratory or speculative ‘think pieces’; fiction; reportage; book, film and theatre reviews; visual arts; and pedagogic or methodological reflections.

      In 2015 Critical Military Studies will offer two prizes:
      • Best manuscript submitted by an emergent scholar, with a prize of $US300
      • Established scholar award with a prize of $US200 
      Please see the Call for Papers for more information or contact the Editor Dr Victoria Basham or Editorial Assistant Dr Jess Gifkins with queries.

      Kind regards,
      The Editorial Team at Critical Military Studies
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      Copyright © 2014 Critical Military Studies, All rights reserved.

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