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1256Help us elect 3 new progressive secretaries of state on Nov. 4

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  • carljhendley
    Nov 1, 2008

      SOS Project Update: Two races down to the wire

      With your help we can prevent the next Katherine Harris or Ken Blackwell from ever getting into office. On Tuesday, seven Secretary of State races take place, and we have an opportunity to put pro-democracy, pro-transparency candidates in charge of elections in at least four of these states.

      Polls are showing two of these races, Oregon and Montana , are extremely close and will be determined by undecided voters. These reform candidates need your help  to get their message out in the last few days. 

      Linda McCulloch is in a particularly tight race in Montana , where the current Republican Secretary of State is trying to roll back Election Day Registration. A recent fight over the potential disenfranchisement of 6,000 voters
      — including service members in Iraq — highlights the importance of this race.  Montana has lower contribution limits than most states ($310 for a statewide race),which means small contributions can make the difference.

      In Oregon , Kate Brown was considered a safe candidate until her opponent received a massive 100k donation from the timber industry. Oregon has no limits on contributions, which means a late infusion of cash by a single rightwing donor could swing the race. Earlier this week, a public poll showed 22% of voters are undecided. A contribution to Kate's campaign will help her reach out to those voters and win this race.

      Please consider supporting the Secretary of State Project's 2008 slate of candidates — with particular urgency in Montana and Oregon . Contributions you give today will protect the election tomorrow. Our 2006 campaign is helping to protect the election in Ohio in 2008. Our 2008 campaigns will help us put voting rights champions in charge of elections instates with key elections in 2010 and 2012.

      Donate online or get more information about these races at www.secstateproject.org