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  • Greg
    Mouse pastor coins humorous poetic prayer for blessing By Greg Miller Mr. Chester Cheddar CheeseMouse couldn t get enough of his favorite cheese. Cheddar
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 25, 2009
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      Mouse pastor coins humorous
      poetic prayer for blessing

      By Greg Miller

      Mr. Chester "Cheddar" CheeseMouse couldn't get enough of his favorite cheese.

      "Cheddar" loved cheddar cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He loved cheddar cheese omelets, cheddar cheese pot pies, cheddar cheese soup, cheddar cheese sandwiches, cheddar cheese casserole (a huge amount of cheddar cheese with a little macaroni thrown in), cheddar cheese ice cream, and cheddar cheese milkshakes.

      "I really, really love my cheddar!," said "Cheddar." "With every bite, it gets better and better!"

      As much as "Cheddar" loved eating cheddar cheese in its various shapes, sizes and flavors, he loved fellowshipping with other mice who attended the Cheddar MouseOplis Church of Perfect Cheeze even more. Every Sunday, following the morning worship service, "Cheddar" asked a different family from the congregation to accompany him home for lunch.

      The church's minister, MousePastor Bobby, was a frequent Sunday afternoon lunch guest at "Cheddar's" Mousehole Apartment.

      "Cheddar" prepared great meals for his guests, who always expressed surprise that their host was such an accomplished cook.

      One Sunday, MousePastor Bobby asked "Cheddar," "What is your secret to preparing such good food?"

      "I was always taught to honor and obey my mom and dad, and I assisted mom when she was preparing our meals," "Cheddar" replied. "If she said to put a `pinch' of salt into the macaroni, I always added a `pinch' of salt. If she said to add `half a pinch' of pepper into the cheese soup… `half a pinch' was what I carefully measured into the pot. Mom was the top mouse chef in our neighborhood for many years, and I guess her talent kind of rubbed off on me."

      "You certainly put your best effort into preparing these meals," said MousePastor Bobby. "And when you combine your cooking skills with a good attitude, you truly honor the Lord."

      When the meal was ready, "Cheddar" asked his guest to take the position of honor at the head of the table.

      "Thanks, `Cheddar,'" MousePastor Bobby said, as he sat in the place reserved for him. "You are always so very kind to me when I visit your home."

      "I believe that a pastor deserves all of the honor and respect that I can show him," said "Cheddar." "I treat every pastor as a guest of honor. Who knows? One day, I may be hosting an angel."

      "Cheddar" asked MousePastor Bobby to say the blessing before they ate.

      MousePastor Bobby loved to pray poetic prayers, which he hoped would also offer a bit of humor as the fellowshipping began. "Thank you, Lord, for you are great," he prayed. "Thank you, Lord, for the food on the plate. Praise the Lord, praise Him, please. Praise the Lord, and pass the cheese!!"


      Greg Miller is a freelance writer who lives in Johnson City, Tennessee. He also works as the religion editor of a daily newspaper in northeast Tennessee. To contact Miller for preaching and after dinner speaking engagements, puppet ministry, etc., please e-mail him at kidcool4jesus@... or visit http://raysofsoncolumn.webs.com
    • Greg
      Moms don t always get a good night s sleep By Greg Miller Only a few short weeks had passed since the angel Gabriel had told Mary that she was going to become
      Message 2 of 6 , May 3, 2009
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        Moms don't always get

        a good night's sleep

        By Greg Miller

        Only a few short weeks had passed since the angel Gabriel had told Mary that she was going to become a mother.

        After the angel's announcement, Mary could think of nothing but God`s message to her. She sang to the Lord songs of joy and thankfulness.

        Mary remembered Gabriel`s words, "Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women." The angel told her that she had "found favor with God."

        Gabriel said that Jesus, Mary's Son, "shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.

        "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee , and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God."

        Early in Mary's pregnancy, she began talking with one of her closest friends, Lydia, who also was going to have a baby.

        While Mary and Lydia were on their daily walks, they talked about being a good mother.

        "Do you want a boy or a girl?," Mary asked.

        "Either is fine with me," Lydia said. "I just want the baby to be healthy. Do you want a boy or a girl?"

        "God's angel appeared to me and told me I'm going to have a son!," Mary beamed.

        "That's great!," Lydia exclaimed. "What else did the angel say?"

        "That is all I'll say for right now," Mary grinned. "But I will tell you that I plan to be a good mother. I will pray for Him every day. I will share God's Word with Him and teach Him the ways of God. I want to make sure that my Son is very close to the Father."

        "I`m going to be a good mother, too," Lydia said. "I'm going to bathe my baby every day, and give him or her all the opportunities for a great life that I can. My child will be special."

        "My son will be special, too," Mary replied with a smile. "Very special!"

        "Being a good mother is important," Lydia said. "And I feel a mother should get enough sleep every night. I hope my baby always sleeps through the night, so I can get the rest I need in order to provide proper care."

        "I realize the need of getting a good night's sleep in order to properly care for my son," Mary said. "But babies don't always sleep through the night, so I realize that there will be some days that just won't be possible. On those days, I'll probably be fulfilling my motherly duties while half asleep!"


        To contact the writer, please e-mail kidcool4jesus@....

      • Greg
        Taking Bible to school transforms students lives By Greg Miller Joseph, a second-grader, was glad that summer would soon arrive, because he was looking
        Message 3 of 6 , May 10, 2009
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          Taking Bible to school

          transforms students' lives

          By Greg Miller

          Joseph, a second-grader, was glad that summer would soon arrive, because he was looking forward to several weeks of fishing with his father.

          In one way, however, Joseph was sad that school was ending. He had recently asked Jesus to come into his heart, and he was excited about sharing his newfound faith with his friends.

          Joseph decided that he would take his Bible to school on the final day of classes. He entered the school bus, sat in his assigned seat and began reading the Bible.

          "What are you reading?," asked Joshua, who was sitting next to him.

          "I am reading about the life of Jesus in the Bible," Joseph said.

          "You're a pretty good reader, aren't you?," Joshua asked. "How about reading to all of us?"

          "Certainly," replied Joseph, who turned to the first chapter of Genesis and began reading about God creating the earth.

          By the time Joseph finished reading the story of Creation, the bus pulled into the school parking lot. "Thanks for reading God's Word to us," Joshua said. "When school starts again next year, how about reading to us every day? We can learn more about God, and the time we spend riding to school will pass much quicker."

          At the end of the day, Joseph read the story of Noah building the ark. "I'm already looking forward to the beginning of school next year," said Joshua.

          Joseph and his dad, John, invited Joshua to go on several of their summer fishing trips. While they waited for the fish to bite, Joseph read Bible stories to his father and Joshua.

          As the long, hot, humid days of summer came to a close, school got underway once again. On the first day of school, Joseph took his Bible with him. During the year, he read stories of Creation, the Flood, Daniel and the Lions' Den, David and Goliath, Jesus' virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, healings, Crucifixion, death on the cross, burial, the Resurrection, and Ascension into heaven.

          As the school year came to a close, Joseph and Joshua began talking about God's will for their lives. "I believe that God wants us to become evangelists and share His love with the entire world," said Joseph.

          "I have been thinking the same thing," Joshua said.

          "Today is the final day of school, and we haven't discussed any plans for this summer," said Joseph. "Do you want to spend the summer fishing again?"

          "I've been thinking about what we should do this summer," said Joshua. "And if we are serious about becoming evangelists, I believe we should spend the summer telling people about God's love."

          "That sounds great to me!," exclaimed Joseph. "But we'll still be fishing; we'll just be fishing for people to come to Jesus!"

          "And we won't have to drown a single worm to do it!," laughed Joshua.

          "Or married worms either!," Joseph chuckled.


          To contact the writer, e-mail kidcool4jesus@....
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          Couple makes Jesus Christ the king of their hearts By Greg Miller Jorge and Jillian had been married for five years when they asked Jesus Christ to forgive
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            Couple makes Jesus Christ

            the king of their hearts

            By Greg Miller

            Jorge and Jillian had been married for five years when they asked Jesus Christ to forgive their sins and reside in their hearts.

            The couple were baptized the following Sunday. They loved the Lord, and they wanted their lives to please Him. But they realized that there was room for continued improvement in their walk with God.

            Jorge observed that he still had a problem with lying. Looking in her spiritual mirror, Jillian realized that pride was still trying to raise her ugly head.

            The couple prayed about their problem and came up with the solution. gWefve asked Jesus Christ to come into our hearts,h Jillian said. gBut wefre doing some things that donft honor Him as the Lord of our lives.h

            gYoufre right, Honey,h Jorge said. gJesus is our savior, but we need His help in certain areas. We need for Him to be the King of our Hearts.h

            gWow!,h exclaimed Jillian. gAnother of those ebright ideaf light bulbs just turned on inside my brain!h

            Jillian was known throughout the community for her gbright ideas,h some of which were a little dimmer than others.
            gWhatfs your idea?,h Jorge asked.

            gLetfs have a ceremony to officially make Jesus the King of our Hearts,h Jillian said. gWefll ask the pastor to officiate, sort of like a wedding ceremony, and invite a few friends. It will also give us an opportunity to share our faith with some friends who arenft Christians.h

            The couple made a list of everyone that they wanted to invite to the ceremony. Before long, they realized that their home would not hold the large number of people. Jorge asked their churchfs minister, Pastor Jackison, if the ceremony could be held in the mega-churchfs fellowhip hall. They asked him if he would write special vows that they could recite to the Lord.

            The couple felt their gDay of Commitmenth would be one of the most well- attended events in the townfs history. Jillian submitted a news release to the local newspaper, inviting the entire community. Nearly 1,000 people showed up for the special event.

            Jorge and Jillian recited their vows, each promising to worship and obey Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives in every way. gI promise not to lie again,h said Jorge.

            gAnd I wonft be prideful anymore,h said Jillian.

            After the closing prayer, Pastor Jackison invited attendees to stay for refreshments. Everyone stopped by to congratulate Jorge and Jillian for taking such a courageous stand for the Lord.

            One of their friends, Jorg E. Anna, said, gItfs great that you decided to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life. But I was just wondering why you had such a big get together with refreshments and everything.h

            Jorge responded, gThe reason is simple. As Pastor Jackison has taught us for the last five years. Anything worth doing is worth doing right!h


            To contact the writer of this column, e-mail kidcool4jesus@....
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            Woman decides to drink eight glasses of water every day By Greg Miller Cheryl had made some changes in her lifestyle because she wanted to be a greater witness
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              Woman decides to drink eight

              glasses of water every day

              By Greg Miller

              Cheryl had made some changes in her lifestyle because she wanted to be a greater witness for the Lord.

              Those changes included walking for about 30 minutes every day, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and losing about 40 troublesome pounds she had been promising to shed for more than 10 years. Cheryl knew that she needed to drink the proper amount of water to keep her body hydrated, so although she loved sweet tea and soft drinks she decided to drink water most of the time.

              Cheryl treated herself to a cup of sweet tea to celebrate her decision. She dedicated the rest of her life to her new passion: Fresh water. She drank water with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. She drank a glass of sweet tea only about once a month.

              Before long, Cheryl began to feel more energized and alert. "Water is almost like a miracle drug," she said. "I'm going to ask my friends to join me on life's journey with water."

              One Friday after work, Cheryl met her best friend, Carlissa, at the Mall for an evening of shopping and conversation. Carlissa noticed that two bottles of spring water were in Cheryl's purse. "So when did you become so crazy about water?," Carlissa asked.

              "Just recently," Cheryl said. "I wanted to be healthier, so I could be a better witness for the Lord. "This water is so great! I wish I had made my decision many years ago."

              "I couldn't live without my sweet tea and soft drinks!," Carlissa exclaimed. "I'd never be able to make it through the day without them!"

              "I drink a lot of water because I want to be healthy," Cheryl said. "But I also want to glorify Jesus Christ in every aspect of my life. When I'm on the job, I want to be a good testimony. When I'm engaged in leisurely activities, I want to glorify God."

              Cheryl told Carlissa that drinking lots of water made it much easier to share her faith in Christ with other people. "How can a simple glass of water help you to tell others about the Lord?," Carlissa asked. "It's tasteless, odorless, calorie-less. It has no redeeming social value."

              "Water helps us to thrive while we're alive," Cheryl replied. "And Jesus offers Living Water. In John, chapter 4, Jesus told the woman at the well that `whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.'"

              "Wow!," exclaimed Carlissa. "Only God could think of a concept like that!"

              "You've got that right!," Cheryl said. "And that's the kind of water that could never be put in a bottle!"


              To contact the writer of this column, e-mail kidcool4jesus@....
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              Musicians want to promote global gospel music tour By Greg Miller One Christian young man and two Christian young women were best friends at their church, in
              Message 6 of 6 , Jun 1, 2009
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                Musicians want to promote
                global gospel music tour

                By Greg Miller

                One Christian young man and two Christian young women were best friends at their church, in their college classes and in a couple of community organizations.

                All of them loved music in a variety of Christian genres, and because their passion for music was so great and they wanted to serve the Lord using their musical abilities, they decided to start a singing group and go on a worldwide tour.

                The group began having weekly practice sessions, and they developed a sound that they loved. They alternated songs from the following Christian music genres: Soft Rock, Contemporary, Southern Gospel, Bluegrass and Country. "If we sing songs from all these different genres, we will draw more people to our concerts," reasoned Alex after one of the practice sessions.

                "And that means more people that we can tell about the Lord Jesus," said Alexa.

                "And a greater number of people who will believe in Jesus," said Alexia.

                "That's right," said Alex. "I am so ready to begin our global concert tour that I am only sleeping about three hours each evening. And I am spending most of every waking moment generating ideas about how to promote the concerts."

                What are some of your ideas?," asked Alexia.

                "I think we should start an electronic newsletter and build a group of dedicated followers even before we have our first concert," Alex said. "As we start scheduling concerts, we can include the dates and starting times in the newsletter. We also need to develop a Web site so that people can search for information about us on the Internet.

                "Once we get several performances under our belts, we should be getting some pretty good word-of-mouth advertising," Alex continued. "I also plan to run ads on radio, TV and in newspapers. And loads of great publicity will come our way as the result of a great-sounding CD."

                "After we record that first CD, we should begin our own radio and TV program!," Alexa exclaimed.

                "Yeah!," agreed Alexia. "The program can help us get the word out about our music! And the more people that hear our music means a greater number of individuals to whom we can proclaim the love of Jesus!"

                Alexia paused for a moment. "We are moving our musical group forward a little too quickly," she said. "There are a couple of important matters that we must take care of before we can begin this global gospel music tour we're talking about."

                "Like what?," asked Alex.

                "For one thing, we haven't even given our group a name," Alexia said. "And we also have to actually schedule our first concert. We're talking about scheduling concerts nationwide and around the world, and we haven't even performed one concert in our own hometown!"


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