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Uncovering Your Higher Purpose In Life

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  • Heather A Hannam
    Seeing Your Unique Path And Uncovering Your Higher Purpose In Life Author unknown “We may turn to God when our foundations are shaking, only to discover it
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2008

      Seeing Your Unique Path And Uncovering Your Higher Purpose In Life  Author unknown

      “We may turn to God when our foundations are shaking,
      only to discover it is God who is shaking them.”
      - Hebrew Proverb
      Perception is everything. Everything that happens to you; everything from your past and everything in your future all relies on one simple thing and that is how do you choose to process that which happens to you? The way you choose to process everything that has or will happen to you makes up your entire experience of life. Although this ‘choice’ is mostly unconscious, it’s still a choice and something that you can take control of.
      The majority of people are oblivious to this powerful fact, mostly because the majority of our thoughts are shaped automatically by our past conditioning. Most reactions and interpretations are decided in split seconds by our unconscious awareness. Higher awareness on the other hand is a state of mind where you learn to transcend ordinary ‘autopilot’ awareness and where you become more conscious of the illusion of everyday occurrences. Living your life with a higher awareness will allow you to find a deeper sense of meaning in ALL of life and help you to discover your own unique life purpose.
      We tend to think that our life purpose only gets defined by our successes and our ‘glory moments’ BUT, even more so does our failures help to define our unique life path.
      The one thing that we all have in common is our pursuit of happiness. No one will consciously pursue anything that they believe will make them unhappy, yet there are so many people who are unhappy. Despite their best efforts, very few people get to truly create for themselves the kind of life that they ultimately desire. We tend to curse the ‘bad’ things in life and celebrate the good, but the transforming insight is that any life has many seasons. When you realize that you can start to welcome even the ‘mistakes’ and start to see it as an integral part of life. Regardless of how skilled or resilient you are, you will have ‘bad’ times.
      Although we all pursue happiness and the good in life, we need the flipside not only to provide the contrast, but also to help us define what we really want. A rich life; one that is truly fulfilled is not one that is only full of the good, but one that is filled with both. Learning to deal with and even celebrate the flipside of life is just as important as celebrating the joys of life. We tend to think that all the tragedies and setbacks in life can’t possibly be part of our life’s purpose, but in many ways these are the very things that help to define your life purpose and redirect you to your own unique path in life.
      In mid winter when everything is snowed under it’s quite hard to imagine a warm sunny day. The same is true when we meet with the ‘misfortunes’ of life – it tends to be really hard to find an empowering meaning while we are going through a tough time. Looking back at your life however, it becomes easier to find and to see a deeper meaning in what you went through. In hindsight we are able to ‘connect the dots’ and see that a divine hand has played it’s part all along. Your purpose in life is not just defined by the big ‘wins’ but also by the setbacks and learning to see this as it happens is a great step in your own personal and spiritual growth.
      Your entire life is about spirit unfolding through you and until and unless you listen to this spiritual aspect of yourself trying to reconnect with you, you will continue to feel like something is missing. All of your life is on purpose. But you have to be able to see it in order to use it as a means of sculpting your life and your experience of life.
      By embracing it all you can start to hear that silent inner voice that’s constantly trying to reconnect you with your bliss. Maybe the setback is God trying to tell you to move on; to take a new direction to connect to your purpose. When you start seeing your purpose as something that is continuously unfolding in every moment of your life, your entire perspective of life changes.
      Think of you higher purpose in life as a big puzzle and every aspect of your life is a piece of this puzzle. If you are only looking for the ‘pretty pieces’ you will never be able to complete the puzzle. Sometimes the seemingly insignificant pieces makes you see the bigger picture. All of it is part of the puzzle. Know that in every aspect of your life there is something greater happening behind the scenes. All you have to do is to be open to this and realize that God’s divine guidance is present in everything. When the foundations of your life are shaking, instead of cursing it, try and look beyond it and realize that there is Someone who is trying to give you an important message: get your life on purpose.
      Living your life with a greater sense of spirituality will help you to seeing everything that you are going through as something that you have to go through. You can stop blaming and wallowing in setbacks, and start using everything that comes your way as a tool to help sculpt your soul. Developing a Higher Awareness through spirituality will help you to develop a greater awareness of what’s really going on.
      Ask for divine guidance and affirm to yourself that you intend to live your life on purpose. Intend for your life to be on purpose. Then, observe your life. Start to pay greater attention to everything you attract into your life – especially the seemingly insignificant things. Observe all the people that come in and out of your life. Observe everything that happens to you and start to look for that deeper meaning - this will lead and guide you to your life purpose and your own unique path in life.

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