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Mixed Goal Conflicts (was Re: Star wars setting difficulty)

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  • mothlos
    I have found that the best way for me to handle this is to let everything run in tandum. Every character has its own goals, but by doing multiple things at
    Message 1 of 19 , Oct 16, 2005
      I have found that the best way for me to handle this is to let
      everything run in tandum. Every character has its own goals, but by
      doing multiple things at once they might get bonuses or penalties to
      thir rolls to succeed.

      So in a Vader vs Luke duel, Luke can be trying to hack Vader to death
      and Vader can defend against the attacks quite easily (because he
      rules). He also is choosing to try and persuade Luke during this
      period. He is getting a penalty to fight and persuade because he is
      trying to do both at once, but Luke is also getting modifiers to his
      attacking and willpower (the values can be debated). Both Luke's
      attack and Vader's persuade are rolled on every round of combat by
      both participants vs. the appropriate skill (Vader defends and Luke
      resists persuasion).

      As for Luke, being a PC (assumed) he is entitled to free will of the
      character and many players don't like the idea that they lose an
      argument by roll and not by role play. I handle this by handling it as
      an involuntary invocation situation. The character can resist the
      persuasion by expending FATE points or can gain FATE points by
      relenting and accepting the consequences of whatever it is. This is
      also an interesting way of dealing with combat damage (archive has
      great threads about this sort of concept).

      --- In FateRPG@yahoogroups.com, "Adrian Price" <AdrianFPrice@e...> wrote:
      > I'm glad you posted this - I'm at a loss as to how best to handle this
      > using FATE.
      > It seems like you could have effectively two challenges going on
      > simultaneously, as the seducer weaves around behind tables and whatnot
      > trying to avoid getting shot by the solider, trying to engage the
      > soldier in seductive repartee. If you handled it as a single challenge
      > with two different goals - kill the target for the soldier, avoid
      > getting killed for the seducer - you'd end up matching the soldier's
      > gun skill versus the seducer's seduce skill wouldn't you? This doesn't
      > seem ideal, as the soldier could be fairly poor at resisting a pretty
      > face but a great shot.
      > If, on the other hand, you ran it as two separate but simultaneous
      > challenges - gun versus dodge for the soldier's attempt to kill, seduce
      > versus willpower for the seduction attempt - you'd match appropriate
      > skills but potentially have exchanges with outcomes where both sides
      > succeed. This would work okay, with both conflicts over once one
      > party 'Takes Out' the other, whether through seduction or gunfire, but
      > how would you apply penalties from wounds? Do they add together so that
      > the soldier suffers -1 from a 'Hurt' when his target scuttles behind a
      > crate also suffers another -1 from a seduction 'Hurt' as he blushes and
      > his gun arm gets a little shaky? Would they apply to both challenges or
      > only to the challenge they originate from?
      > Or am I way off the page completely and it can be adequately resolved
      > in a single challenge of Guns versus Seduction?
      > Help!
      > Adrian
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