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Using FATE on a TinyMUCK

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  • Kynn Bartlett
    Hi everyone -- I ve been quiet on the mailing list for a while, but thought I d speak up with my latest use for FATE. I m a player on a small themed
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2005
      Hi everyone --

      I've been quiet on the mailing list for a while, but thought I'd speak up with
      my latest use for FATE.

      I'm a player on a small themed roleplaying mud and I'm planning on using
      FATE for running some "side adventures" in the game.

      I know that the FATE developers have a background in tinymud (MUSH,
      MUCK, etc.) roleplay. Rather than this being a MUCK-wide system for
      resolving conflicts on the game, it's going to be used for GM-run
      "adventures" which take place at semi-regular times.

      The theme (which isn't for everyone, I'm sure, which is why I'm not issuing
      a general invitation! *grin*) involves an alternate "furry" Earth set in 1920s
      Africa where giants walk the dark continent. Most of the roleplay on the
      game takes place in one hangout location, a central watering-hole bar for
      giants and "normals" alike, with normal RP-tinymud style free interaction
      between in-character players.

      The FATE portion of the game is intended as an extra add-on for generating
      roleplay topics -- it represents several "expeditions" organized by a trading
      company into the depths of darkest Africa.

      FATE was specifically chosen (by me) for a number of reasons, including
      simplicity and free rules, but primary among the selling points was the ability
      to mix characters of disparate power within the same group. When you have
      both "normal" folks and "giants" in a group, you can't use just any roleplaying
      game out there and still have players feeling as if they contribute equally.

      The fact that FATE aspects are less about "raw power" and more about "in
      character interestingness" (a la the Buffy/Xander example) is what allows
      this all to work. (It's also pretty good at modeling "furry" races --
      anthropomorphic animals with different types of abilities dependent upon
      the "base animal" species.)

      I'm still working on all the details of the game (and I'll probably issue an
      SRD-enabled set of rules for playing in this environment using FATE when
      I get some spare time), but for those who play on MUCKs and might want it,
      I have a MUF program to roll FATE dice -- email me privately for a copy.
      I'll also soon email a link to the player information for the FATE portion of
      the MUCK, as well as asking for specific bits of advice as I make it up as I
      go along.

      Anyway, that's what I'm doing with FATE. What about you guys?

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