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Re: R: Re: [FateRPG] [Toolkit - Gear as aspects]: Thoughts on implementation

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  • Nicola Urbinati
    2013/6/13 Jonathan Lang ... Legends of Anglerre, by cubicle 7. They treat treasures/payments as a temporary treasure point trait. Each
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 12, 2013
      2013/6/13 Jonathan Lang <dataweaver@...>

      On Jun 12, 2013, at 3:25 PM, Nicola Urbinati <urbaman@...> wrote:


      Thank you very much for your insight, it's perfectly on the lines of my take.

      Yes, many skills can create a "gear" aspect or making it disappear (stealing it for example), or making a situational aspect into a gear one. I'm also on the "invocation of the situational to create the gear" thing: searching the dirt, cutting some woods, ..., but it could easily be the grab action being the invocation to create the gear and making the situation to change/disappear.

      Maybe I will borrow the "treasure" thing from LoA (that's the way I see it working, better than an aspect).

      What's LoA?

      Legends of Anglerre, by cubicle 7.
      They treat treasures/payments as a temporary "treasure point" trait.
      Each treasure has a value adding to your treasure points.
      You can use them to improve your resources for an action (but they're gone as you use them) or switched to resources at milestones (you "invested" them to get that improvement).
      This is the basics of it.

      If it's a big deal for you, you might want to consider some sort of Wealth rules (such as "Resources, Revisited" in Fate Core, page 285, or the ones in Fate System Toolkit, pages 60-61), and allow someone to invoke "treasure" (gear with high monetary value) for a bonus on such rolls.

      See above for a take of treasures not being aspects, and a way to differentiate the Dragon's treasure (5 treasure points) from the Killer's paycheck (maybe 2 or 3 treasure point).

      I'm still trying to see if I need some "aspect levels/trees": A gear can be described by two or more aspects. See the normal sword made magical, the gadget developed to a new level. The aspects might be invoked toghether if appropriate. So each aspect above the first is basically a different function or a different tier of the same function of the gear.

      If the gear has special abilities beyond what an Aspect would describe, use the Fate Fractal and treat it as an Extra that's based off of a Gear Aspect but also has appropriate Stunts and possibly even skills.  That said, a fair amount could be done by mixing Gear Aspects with Invoking for Effect (Fate System Toolkit, page 13).

      This is a good point.
      I'll read it again, I'd like to see if creating (invoking, compelling) an aspect with two effects is more or less difficult than creating (invoking/compelling) one with one or no effetcs.
      Can someone ADD effects to an aspect (I have a magic sword, I want to also make it Holy, sacrificing that virgin to my bloodthirsty god)

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