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Re: Gear Points

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  • gremlin1384
    I think it depends on what kind of mood you re trying to emulate. Obviously, you re intending a more gear-focused game than Fate defaults to--either the PCs
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2013
      I think it depends on what kind of mood you're trying to emulate. Obviously, you're intending a more gear-focused game than Fate defaults to--either the PCs aren't assumed to have whatever gear they need to use their skills properly, or they're likely to need specialized equipment as scenarios come up. The first gives kind of a MacGyver/Burn Notice feel, the second a bit like James Bond's gadgets (assuming that all the stuff Q gives him is retconned later in the scenario, which makes sense given that each gadget is used exactly once).

      Are you running a dungeon crawl kind of thing--"how far can we stretch the expedition before we go back"? Is it a horror game where even survival is dependent on returning to safety? Is it a "behind enemy lines" spy or military game? Whatever your answer is will inform your game decisions.

      The first impulse I have is always a stress track. Wealth stress in various forms has been a successful creation in several Fate iterations, representing purchasing equipment (including declaring "I bought this last week") as well as ship maintenance in Diaspora and Bulldogs!, etc. In those systems, wealth consequences have a tendency to be things like "Dead Broke," "In Debt to the Mob," "Shoddy Equipment," etc--things representing what happens when you try to purchase something and fail. If that fits your image, then great. If your characters are in a dungeon crawl or superspies and an irate creditor doesn't fit with the theme, then you could rethink it. What the appropriate consequences would be depends on the theme. A consequence in a dungeon crawl could be an "Empty Pack" or "Spoiled Rations" or "Damn, My Sword Just Snapped in Half." Spies might have "Q's Going to Have My Hide" or "Unreliable Explosives" or "The ruble's just been devalued again..."

      For all of these, you'd have to figure a skill to use. If your Fate version has Resources, that's the go-to, needless to say. You'd probably also want to assign values to the items people might want to bring along, much like Spirit of the Century and Diaspora did, so you've got difficulties built in. Then again, if it doesn't matter *what* they're getting, just that they're getting something, maybe every piece of equipment causes a point of stress, just like using Evocation in Dresden Files always throws some mental stress your way.

      This isn't necessarily pooh-pooing your "gear points" idea. I just prefer to use the tools the Fate toolbox already has in it. And you'll still have to ask yourself these questions. Why is diminishing resources important? What kind of equipment are the PCs going to be getting? How often do you expect them to spend them? How often do you expect to refresh? I know you said "when they get back to safety," but is that expected to happen once a session? Twice a session? Once every four sessions?

      Anyway, I hope this is helpful, rather than making things more complicated. Good luck!

      --- In FateRPG@yahoogroups.com, Jonathan Wells <wells.jonathan@...> wrote:
      > Here's an idea I've been chewing on. I'm trying to simulate the PC's
      > resources running out over time. They should feel the mounting pressure to
      > get back to a safe place. I don't want the players to have to write
      > equipment lists, but making skill rolls to have the right gear on hand
      > doesn't evoke that feeling of things being used up. I thought about a
      > stress track, but I'm not sure what a consequence on that track would be.
      > So I came up with gear points. Spend a point to declare a piece of
      > equipment. You can think of them as specialized Fate points, or as a
      > stockpile of automatic successes on skill rolls to declare equipment. They
      > refresh whenever the character has the opportunity to resupply.
      > Do you think it's worth it to add another thing to track, besides FP and
      > Stress? I'm interested in hearing the opinions of some Fate veterans.
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      > Jonathan Wells
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