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Re: [FateRPG] Role of the healer

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  • John Rudd
    ... I m kinda doing the same thing ... but it s more about the Old School Renaissance than specific to D&D... for example, my base is Warrior, Rogue, Mage ,
    Message 1 of 35 , Dec 29, 2012

      On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 7:53 PM, Jonathan Wells <wells.jonathan@...> wrote:
      I'm making a Fate fantasy game with D&D roots.

      I'm kinda doing the same thing ... but it's more about the Old School Renaissance than specific to D&D... for example, my base is "Warrior, Rogue, Mage", by Stargazer Games, and not one of the actual retro-clones (Swords & Wizardry, Dungeon Crawl Classics the RPG, OSRIC, etc.).  But, I'm working toward doing it in a way where you can do it with anywhere from the minimalism of WRM and S&W, on up to piling on Stunts and Aspects that can handle something as heavy as Pathfinder.

      Part of those roots is the role of the healer.

      I was sort of thinking about this a little bit too.  I was thinking about maybe an in-combat spell for healing stress only, and an out of combat spell/ritual for healing consequences.  So, as with a Cleric, you can cast spells that keep your fighters in the combat, by clearing their stress.  But once they're "down", they're down.

      For consequences:
      a) use the rules on page 169 -- magic (and whatever your magic game mechanic is) is the vehicle of initiating the recovery.  They cast a spell with the given difficulty, or whatever.  If you do nothing else, then the rules on page 170 are applied as normal.  You can't use the spell for (b)/(c)/(d) below, until after you've done this one.

      b) a more powerful (and difficult) spell can also be cast, once per day for a given wound perhaps, that downgrades the level of consequence.  So, a minor consequence immediately goes away, or a moderate becomes minor, or severe becomes moderate, or extreme becomes severe.  But, only once per (time period) for each individual consequence.  So, you can't just sit there with an extreme consequence, and immediately cast this spell on it 4 times to make it go away entirely.

      c) or, instead of (b), it can only be cast ONE TIME on a given consequence, ever.  So, you can make a severe consequence become moderate (and the healing time goes from "one scenario" to "one session", and it takes up one lesser consequence slot).  But, that's it.  This will probably be easier to the accounting:  you put 1 asterix to indicate "recovery initiated", and a second to indicate "reduced the heal time by 1 factor".

      d) like (b), but the Cleric can keep casting it until their they run out of mana/mental-stress  OR they miss the required difficulty by X shifts.  If they do that, then they can't cast any more consequence reductions on that consequence until it heals naturally.  Set X according to how gritty/deadly/in-effective you want the healing process to be.

      Option (d) probably gets you closest to a high level D&D Cleric's ability to get you from "1 HP to max HP with just a few spells", but at the same time doesn't completely re-do the way FATE handles healing.  Option (b) is sort of middle ground, while (c), I think, stays closest to the way (I am inferring) that FATE doesn't really do a lot of advanced physical healing.

      You could also use this for sci-fi non-magical healing.  Use something like Stimulant injections/steroids/etc. for the "stress reduction" mechanic, first aid/dermal sprays/etc. for (a), and then more extensive medical treatments (surgery, doctor-bots, mecial-pods, bacta-tanks, etc.) for your choice on (b)/(c)/(d).  As usual, the mechanics for sci-fi vs fantasy can be re-used, just change the window-dressing :-)

    • Dean Tribble
      One way to make the healbot fun is that they must be careful of their resources. this can apply both within a scene and across scenes. Here are some
      Message 35 of 35 , Jan 11, 2013
        One way to make the "healbot" fun is that they must be careful of their resources. this can apply both within a scene and across scenes. Here are some alternatives that could lead to something:

        Empathic Healer: fill one of your stress boxes to clear the corresponding (or lower) stress box from a character
        Healer: fill one of your mental stress boxes to clear the corresponding (or lower) stress boss from a character.
        Endurance: fill one of your (mental) stress boxes to give a character an additional stress box

        Miracle Worker: (as a ritual) take a consequence to remove a physical or mental-health consequence from a a character

        These are more interesting in play than they appear, because it moves around where the dmg is.  Fundamentally, having a healer makes your party tougher.  For Miracle Worker especially, the consequence that the healer takes doesn't need to be the same (or the same severity) as the consequence that is removed. Thus, a severe consequence could be healed (given time for a ritual) at the cost of a minor [Mental Exhaustion].  But you'd better not have another fight immediately or you could lose your healer.  This also makes a party tougher because it spreads damage out (both between players and from health to mental). this means that more damage is recoverable between scenes.  But that's the point of a healer: it provides buffer, and the healer really can feel they matter to the group success while carefully applying healing capacity.

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