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Re: [FateRPG] Re: An Embarrassment of Riches

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  • Chester Mealer
    Along a similar thread to Brett and Jonathan: The dominant system has an empire built on brokering inter-system trading, possibly without the other systems
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      Along a similar thread to Brett and Jonathan:

      The dominant system has an empire built on brokering inter-system trading, possibly without the other systems knowing. Perhaps they pose as impartial outsiders, willing to trade for materials but "giving technology would interfere with the natural development of the other systems."

      I could also see "techno-priests" as part of this scheme, assuming the empire doesn't go with the outsiders approach. Lower tech systems can hire workers from the empire to have access to advanced tech. The process is designed to be as much of a "black box" as possible, where even the hired workers may not know much about how it works until they reach a higher status. Because these prices are negotiated, an entire system can face higher fees for advanced tech and trade brokering if they do something which angers the empire (such as start researching ways to advance their technology).

      Your renegade system becomes the facilitators of the black market. They may even claim a philosophical stance in favor of some form of cluster-wide socialism, and free exchange of knowledge. In practice, they'll resemble the empire because they're trying to do the same thing: control trade (albeit probably with more altruistic goals in mind).

      Your T-2 worlds will be congealed around resource centers. The communities may take on different political structures or systems, but will functionally resemble each other. The primary goal will be either the extraction of a resource, or the manufacture of an item. Most communities will be built around a single resource or item. There will be some supporting "businesses". This is encouraged by the empire to create more need for trade between and within systems. There will be loose cooperation between the communities on a particular planet, but people on one planet might not know about anyone existing on another planet. If they spend significant time at this technology level, their exports may approach an art form. They might not have digital clocks, but a mechanical clock they make will be a marvel of engineering given what is available. 

      Your T-1 systems will have a stronger planet-wide identity and even loose cooperation between planets. They're not organized around individual resources any longer, inter-system trading will either be based on the whole planet, or the handful of economic superpowers (in terms of the planet, not the cluster) on that planet. The empire's brokers will probably negotiate the trade between the planets, but the nations on a planet can trade with each other. The empire will probably discourage unity between the major nations. 

      Chester Mealer

      On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 10:12 AM, Jonathan Gwilliams <EldritchDesign@...> wrote:

      This is kinda similar to what Brett said, but I'd note that just because all the planets have a high amount of resources, doesn't mean that they all have the SAME resources. Maybe one has all the precious metals, while another has all the volatile gasses. Maybe one is abundant with different kinds of animal life, while another has a slave labour force that is valuable in terms of the amount of work it can produce at little to no cost.

      After this, mine and Brett's solutions become increasingly similar. A situation like that would encourage vast amounts of inter-world trade, piracy etc. etc. Don't know how much of use my response can add to what has gone before, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.


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