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Re: Stick & Stones

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  • Adrian Price
    ... me ... damage ... sense ... negative ... I haven t got much to add really, except I ve been looking at the same sort of thing to handle taunts and
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 27, 2004
      --- In FateRPG@yahoogroups.com, "Sean Broughton -Wright"
      <sb_wright@d...> wrote:
      > Musing on running a swashbuckling adventure using fate. Forgive
      > if this has been covered before. I was thinking of having two
      > tracks, one for physical damage and one for emotional.
      > As combat skills relate to the damage track I was going to have a
      > number of social skills relate to the emotional wounding track.
      > So you can take your enemy apart my insulting his mother, his
      > of culture, his fashion sense and the end result would be a
      > modifier to all actions.
      > What do you think?

      I haven't got much to add really, except I've been looking at the
      same sort of thing to handle taunts and intimidation in a fantasy

      I've been using the same kind of damage track as for normal combat,
      with any penalties less than Injured only applying to the insulting
      match, not applying to any subsequent challenges. Since only Injured
      or Taken Out carry over into other conflicts I haven't bothered with
      a separate social damage track so far.

      Injured means a defeat for the injured party, transferring an
      enduring -1 penalty to any subsequent conflicts, like physical
      combat, but not a total loss of control. It stops the injured party
      from continuing the insulting, meaning the only way things can
      escalate beyond this point is if the victor keeps pushing the
      loser's button til he snaps by continuing the insults on for a
      further exchange or more.

      A Taken Out gives the penalty and causes the victim to lose control
      in an appropriate way - for taunting they might attack, if socially
      humiliated they have to storm out, and so on.

      Nothing revolutionary there of course, but it seems to be working
      pretty well for me so far, since the setting I'm using puts a high
      value on boasting and social status.
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