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Re: Fate Game Aid Kickstarter: Coming Soon!

4 Days in, and the Fate Accompli kickstarter is not only funded, but already hit our first two stretch goals. We're only a short step away from reward #3,
Jul 24

Gencon Planning - Sunday Evening Games

I'm looking to run something Sunday evening at the Embassy Suites. Gothelrealm University of Esoteric Studies and Arcane Arts - Fate Core The 1000 Year Storm -
Jul 23

Fate Game Aid Kickstarter: Coming Soon!

Hey folks! This is a little shameless, but I just wanted everyone to know that next week our group will be launching our kickstarter, Fate Accompli: erasable
Jul 16

Re: FAE Stunts #4

FAE stunts are tired a little more closely to character concept, usually an aspect. Knowing what the aspect or concept was would help with phrasing. But FAE
Stephen Figgins
Jul 11

FAE Stunts #4

Havent done any more of these for a while, so: What about this Willpower based Stunt: (From the web list of Core stunts
Jul 11

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

... I entirely missed that the person right before me basically said what I said.
Jul 10

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

If you wanted to penalize or reward the player based on whether or not they do or don't do the controller's actions, just compel the You're All Mine aspect or
Jul 10

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

It's pretty much built into the system. Whether you do it as CAA or a consequence the result is the same: the affected character has an aspect that you can
Jeramy Ware
Jul 6

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

As you say, different SF and fantasy worlds are different. Fate Core deliberately doesn't attempt to give a magic system, psionics system, or anything like
Travis Casey
Jul 5

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

I personally like the way that various AW-esque games handle mind control - you still have full control of your character, but if you don't do what the
Robert Hanz
Jul 5

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

Causing Stress and Consequences via mental attacks is really the mark of a beginner who seeks to overpower his mark with sheer force. It's workable but
Jan Willms
Jul 5

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

I think it's important to see past the rule and through to the rationale. Mind control is massively deprotagonizing and runs afoul of all sorts of
Fred Hicks
Jul 5

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

That’s how demonic possession works in Wicked Temptations for Modernity. It’s a multiphase challenge during which multiple create
David Reed
Jul 5

Re: Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

I think it would depend a lot on the system since, like you said, not all settings are the same. For my money though, mine control could easily be a severe
Bryce Perry
Jul 5

Telepathy and Mind Control (Fate Core)

Let me see if I have this mechanic right. If the target of telepathy or mind control losses with their Will roll, in Fate Core, stress is taken by the target
Jul 5
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