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New file uploaded to FateRPG

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the FateRPG group. File : /FATE
Feb 8

Fw: new important message

Hello! New message, please read michael@...
Feb 7

It’s Not My Fault (FAE) Playtest

Recently my group and I enjoyed a night of It’s Not My Fault and I wanted to share the feedback from my four players and I. We conducted the character
Jan 22

Re: Mindjammer RPG

Also, if you can, please follow @MindjammePress on twitter. We need to reach 250 followers to unlock a social goal, and we are really close to it.
Gustavo Campanelli
Dec 18, 2015

Mindjammer RPG

Howdy all: I just want to give a shout for anyone interested in the next expansions of the Mindjammer RPG that the Kickstarter is in its last couple days.
John Portley
Dec 18, 2015

Re: Question about City Aspects in Dresden Files RPG

I don’t give free invokes on city aspects, or similar, unless a character or special circumstance as done something to reinforce that aspect. ... There are
Dustin Evermore
Dec 3, 2015

Question about City Aspects in Dresden Files RPG

Hey Guys, So is it normal to allow first time free invocations on the City aspects for you campaign? And how often does the "free" invocation refresh? i.e.
david mcbirde
Dec 3, 2015

Re: Magic thoughts

Nanotech implants could also be matrilineally hereditary: The mother's nanites reproduce themselves into and grow within the developing character. Excess
Dennis Duquette
Dec 2, 2015

Re: Magic thoughts

You might want to look into the spell list of the computer game Anarchy Online, which used Nanites for "mages" Gedece On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 12:39 PM, John
Gustavo Campanelli
Dec 2, 2015

Magic thoughts

This is probably more "world building" than mechanical, but it does relate back to Fate ... as I plan to work this out via Aspects (maybe stunts). Imagine a
John Rudd
Dec 2, 2015

Re: Sharing Fate points

The rules as written interpret invocation as requiring action on the part of a character to function, when it comes to helping out. In other words, there's no
Leonard Balsera
Nov 27, 2015

Re: Sharing Fate points

For me it all comes down to fictional justification as represented by the presence of an aspect. Is there an aspect which represents something in the fiction
Fred Hicks
Nov 27, 2015

Re: Sharing Fate points

While I understand the "player agency" perspective John describes, the counter argument is that Fred (the aggressive, but fate point-poor storyteller) is *now*
David Reed
Nov 27, 2015

Re: Sharing Fate points

On Friday, November 27, 2015, 'U.N.Owen' winter.avarice@... [FateRPG] ... I would also take a step back to look at the meaning of what you're doing ...
John Rudd
Nov 27, 2015

Re: Sharing Fate points

No, no way to share FPs. That's because Fred, using up his Fate Points, is putting his PC in a... really compelling situation. That decision is Fred's and only
Nicola Urbinati
Nov 27, 2015
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