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4746Re: Late night Fate magic idea

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  • Fred Hicks
    Dec 22, 2005
      Hehe. Yeah, I love the "pile of doom points that the players put
      there" idea going on here. In fact, as a one-off house rule for luck
      magic in a game I've run recently, that's almost exactly how the guy's
      luck magic works -- use the magic for good luck, and the karmic
      payback builds up. Last session the payback didn't come, and the
      player had gotten really antsy about that -- because he saw the pile
      of black chits sitting next to me and I hadn't touched 'em. So we got
      to the end of the session and the group was heading over to the church
      where one of his allies was hiding out.

      I smiled, tossed all the black chits into the center, and said, "So
      you pull up to the church, and it's on fire."

      And that's where I ended the session.

      Good times, good times.
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