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4745Re: [FateRPG] Late night Fate magic idea

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  • James Pacek
    Dec 19, 2005

      On Dec 19, 2005, at 3:45 AM, Manveru wrote:

      Big Hat Wizard casts a wopper of an arcane spell on some terrible Trolls in

      the Foggy Mountains, sending them howling into the cold darkness with lashes

      of wind and lighting from the Wizard's staff (a Superb magical effect, so 5

      steps up from Mediocre).  For the rest of the night, Big Hat Wizard and his

      trusty side-kicks are harried by a rousing storm packed with 5 Fate points

      dedicated to playing out the ramifications of unleasing such unatural

      forces, oh and maybe one of those points has the name of a residential

      supernatural antagonist on it, or a fateful band of travellers seeking

      shelter from the rather awful weather (they could be mysterious and/or in

      need of aid).

      I like this idea.  I'd also, from time to time, have the points backlash against innocent people; maybe the use of the storm in the mountains causes a drought in the valley -- that way the heroes have some other troubles to worry about/assist with.



      Jim Pacek


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