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4744Late night Fate magic idea

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  • Manveru
    Dec 19, 2005
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      Ok, so you have this magic system, see (stop me if you've heard this one
      before), and ya wanna represent some kind of 'environmental feedback' kinda
      thing with the magic system, whereby when blatant magic is cast, there's
      some kinda setting/plot feedback as part of the meta 'cost' factor of
      working magic.

      Ok! So if you measure power scale in degrees (by say, using the FUDGE
      ladder) then whenever a character casts some kind of "wow, hey, that's,
      like, magical!" kind of effect (i.e. something blatant and probably
      powerful, relative to the setting), a number of Fate points from the aether
      (i.e. neverending Fate point pool hypothetically situated next to the GM,
      whatever color you like) are set aside by the GM - corresponding to the
      number of steps on the ladder/scale degree beginning at whatever arbitrary
      point on the ladder/scale the GM sets for the setting's magic system - as
      'environmental feedback' points, to be spent invoking when and how the GM
      deems appropriate, within the character of the setting. This idea does not
      assume that Fate points expenditures on the character's part are required in
      order to actually do something dramatic with magic, but could tie in nicely
      to that kind of system as well.

      Optionally, if Fate points were voluntarily spent by the player on the
      character's attempt to work said powerful magic, then those voluntary Fate
      expeditures could either stack with the 'power scale' Fate points in the
      'environmental feedback' pool (most suited if the voluntary Fate point
      expediture was spent to ratchet up the boom & bang of the magic) or buy some
      off of the 'payback' points (most suited if the Fate points spent to make
      the magic more subtle or good natured or whatever). But now I'm babbling.

      Mage (TM) type settings could use this mechanic easy. High Mediaeval (TM)
      settings a la Authurian Tales or Middle Earth could also use this (for
      magical beings taking notice, or events in the future being influenced by
      the intent or character of the magic), as could a 'Million Spheres' or Dark
      Fantasy game (whereby grim, party pooping magical beings dripping of Chaos
      and french fry grease take notice, or the 'environmental feedback' dial gets
      creeped up to the point where there's considerable, palpable, and possibly
      immediate interference from the environment in response to the magic, a la
      Mage, et. al.).

      Spurious, hasty example (assume that the '0' Fate point 'environmental
      feedback' cost step on the FUDGE ladder for the example's hypothetical magic
      system is the same as for default Skills, Mediocre):

      Big Hat Wizard casts a wopper of an arcane spell on some terrible Trolls in
      the Foggy Mountains, sending them howling into the cold darkness with lashes
      of wind and lighting from the Wizard's staff (a Superb magical effect, so 5
      steps up from Mediocre). For the rest of the night, Big Hat Wizard and his
      trusty side-kicks are harried by a rousing storm packed with 5 Fate points
      dedicated to playing out the ramifications of unleasing such unatural
      forces, oh and maybe one of those points has the name of a residential
      supernatural antagonist on it, or a fateful band of travellers seeking
      shelter from the rather awful weather (they could be mysterious and/or in
      need of aid).

      Me'thinks this idea may be useful for other things, possibly as a rotating
      luck pool in a pulp game or the like, or in conjunction with a character's
      "Organization X Ties" Aspect pool of some kind, whereby the Agents show up
      at (in)opportune moments or call in a "favor" for past aid (i.e. past Aspect
      invocation). *blink*

      *zombie walk*


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