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4740Re: Exchange-based resolution: deciding the minutiae

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  • till death does us part
    Dec 13, 2005
      --- In FateRPG@yahoogroups.com, "foulprank" <taustavoima@s...> wrote:
      > Basically what I want is to be able to justify my narrative
      > decisions in reasonable, concistent ways when using the exchange-
      > based method in Fate.

      the narration is one of the elements used to shape the overall feel of
      the game, not something to be justified. means to an end, not the
      other way round.

      the rules provide you with interpretations and alternatives of the
      death spiral chart, the characters' goals should give you a good idea
      of what nature their actions would be, while their skill levels and
      results are a good indication of the quality of said actions. but the
      actual details really depend on what feel you want to achieve..
      running on the walls or shooting someone else's bullet out of air
      might be desireble if you aim for a cinematic feel, but severely out
      of place when you aim for gritty realistic.

      or instead of deciding yourself, you could always go for the more fun
      and lazier option, having the winning party do the narration,
      rewarding narrations that enhance the desired feel of the game,
      vetoing (or punishing in the case of constant abuse) actions that do
      not (or are severly out of place when it comes to severity).
      after all, fate is a system that encourages player involvement in
      shaping of the story.
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