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28464CAMELOT Trigger mental orientation

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  • Joe Formoso
    Jul 17, 2014

      I'm beginning to fiddle around with a Pacific Rim hack based on
      the CAMELOT Trigger setting from Fate Worlds. (Yes, I know that this
      would not be the first -- or likely even the fifteenth -- such project.)

      The only element of CAMELOT Trigger that I'm having a little
      trouble getting clear in my head is the Armour skill. In a lot of
      cases, it seems to be an operating-mecha skill -- you can use it to
      Defend against ranged attacks, and Creating Advantages that are (as the
      text puts it) "battle maneuvers writ large." So, in those instances,
      it's sort of a combination Athletics/Drive specifically for operating
      mecha. However, it's explicitly *not* for Overcoming obstacles in the
      field, but rather obstacles and aspects directly applied to the mecha
      itself. For doing things like overcoming obstacles in battle, you'd use
      Zeal. That confuses me a little -- I'd assume you used Armour for
      overcoming battlefield (or otherwise external) obstacles if it wasn't
      made explicit that it's *not* for that.

      Contrariwise, if I think of Armour as a skill involving the
      "connectedness" a knight has to their mecha, I'd be inclined to use Zeal
      (which seems to have more to do with movement) to Create Advantages
      involving maneuvering in the field.

      I would, in point of fact, much rather stick to the setting
      information as written, so I was hoping you folks could help orient my
      noggin a bit better as to what the Armour skill is, and how it's
      distinct from Zeal (and, in some cases, Melee).

      Many thanks, as always.