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22842Re: [FateRPG] Re: Fate Core in a Nutshell Draft!

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  • Antoni Ten
    Dec 10, 2012
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      On 11 Dec 2012 08:22, "Brett Ritter" <swiftone@...> wrote:
      > Assuming "it" refers to the nutshell - this is just a fan document (apparently one of several!), and while the (scant) text is original* I'd recommend waiting until Fate Core itself is released, at which point I'll use whatever CC license they're using and you can go from there.  (and if anyone wants to hack any part of the text in any other way that doesn't involve annoying Evil Hat, there will be no complaint from me)
      > While Fate Core is pretty darn awesome, it's only fair to make sure they get a chance to finish any polish, not to mention allowing them full sales of the Kickstarter.   Fred was kind enough to "go-ahead" the nutshell on the list, but I don't want anyone at Evil Hat to regret their cooperation :)
      > *The capable, proactive characters part was a direct quote though.

      Obviously I was referring to the nutshell document. I am going to wait until FATE Core is officially out to distribute my translation, out of respect for Evil Hat. However knowing what licence you plan to use is always a reassurance.

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