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Crestfallen RPG – Kickstarter launch date announced

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our grand Kickstarter adventure will begin on 12th May, 2015. It has been an amazing journey so far, we have met
May 4

Re: Weapon ratings and multiple attacks

To an extent, this is the counterpart to Armor getting to apply equally to every hit you take in combat, instead of needing to get spread around when you're
Fred Hicks
Apr 16

Re: Weapon ratings and multiple attacks

That does seem to be the correct tight constructionist reading of the Weapon rules, yes. Quickest fix is to treat the weapon rating as a fungible resource in
Leonard Balsera
Apr 15

Weapon ratings and multiple attacks

Our group has run into some issues with high Weapon ratings interacting with multiple opponents. For context, we're playing a classic fantasy game where
PK Levine
Apr 15

The Small Folk - Fate Wainscot Fantasy

Talking of shameless self-plugging - I've recently published *The Small Folk*, a wainscot urban fantasy game built around the "Free Fate" system variant. It's
Apr 8

New file uploaded to FateRPG

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the FateRPG group. File :
Apr 8

Shameless self promotion - Crestfallen, bronze age fantasy roleplayi

Hi there, Around 15 years ago I distributed a free rpg online called Crestfallen, to me it was just goofing around, but it seems it gained a bit of a cult
Mar 30

Re: Some FAE Questions

I have to admit I don't know the Fae rules as well as I know the full Fate rules. I'm pretty new to the Fate system as well comparatively, so not much help
Jonathon Bensley
Mar 22

Re: Some FAE Questions

Thank you, Travis. I think I get it now. I suppose that the key to understanding Mook stress boxes in FAE is: 1. You can only check one stress box per hit,
Mar 15

Re: Some FAE Questions

... Yes… but you may be misunderstanding how PC stress boxes work. ... That PC can take six shifts of damage — but not from one hit. A single hit that does
Mar 15

Re: Some FAE Questions

TThan Thank you greatly, David. I think I agree with you on all counts, except for the first. You said: "Mooks are supposed to be tipped over easily AND
Mar 15

Re: Some FAE Questions

Robert, I don’t generally play with FAE, but most of your questions seem to apply generally to Fate mechanics. IMNSHO, always go with what’s simpler. =)
David Reed
Mar 15

Some FAE Questions

My first experience with FAE was *after* I had already played and become comfortable with the rules of Fate Core, and that may have shaped the way I
Mar 15

Re: OT:Terry Pratchett dead: Beloved author of the Discworld series

Damn! I love his books and my grand kids are just learning about them.
Mar 13

Fate historical fantasy Patreom

Dear all, To follow up from my last message, the first thing for my Patreon, Hunters of Alexandria, should be ready next week. 50 pages of Ancient World
Paul Mitchener
Mar 12
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